Thursday, July 21, 2011


Song of the Day: Concerto del Muerto (ft. Android and Bobby Bloodbath)- Wax and EOM
   This is a post about basketball. It is a post involving how I am preparing to make the Junior Varsity. Ok. This is the key. I shoot lots of shots around the key every day. My process:
  1. I warm up by just shooting around inside the paint. Back towards the hoop, I just turn and shoot. At least 20 times, just for warm up.
  2. I do dribbling exercises. Looking straight foward, I pass the ball from hand to hand in a figure eight around my legs, or I dribble in a figure eight around my legs.
  3. I stretch.
  4. Then I do my form shooting. I shoot at five spots around the key: The block and the line behind the line behind the block (on both sides), and the free throw line. I have to make at least 10 at each spot, and shoot at least 20. In between each place, I sprint a 25-foot distance back and forth 12 times. I record all my makes and misses in a nootebook.
  5. I do 20 layups on the right. I have to make at least 18.
  6. I shoot 10 times from the top of the arc. I don't have a minimum make level, because I don't want to overwork myself shooting distance (the further away from the basket you are, the more there is a breakdown of fundamental technique).
  7. I do 20 layups on the left. I have to make at least 18.
I should also be concerned with stuff like nutrition and diet and lifting, but I figure, eh, I'm trying to make the junior varsity at a school with a failing athletics program. I don't need to worry that much.

This post was extra boring and unfunny. I just thought you might have been curious.

You probably weren't.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Quality Story

Song of the Day: Concerto del Muerto ft. Android and Bobby Bloodbath- Wax and EOM
   Gather round, children, and let me tell you a story.
   Actually, wait. Let's do some updates. I am doing a wonderful Soulsilver Nuzlocke over on Pokebeach, which btw, has a beautiful layout that will force to spend even more time there. I'm back on my shooting regimen, after skipping a couple days at my dad's house. Still praying for that JV. Still praying.
   Ok, those are all the updates. I don't lead a very exciting life.
   Gather round children, and let me tell you a story. It's a story about how I became who I am today. The event that impacted how I live my life today.
   The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Bear with me. See, as everybody knows, that was the year that Kanye West jumped up on the stage to announce that Beyonce's "Single Ladies" was "one of the best videos of all time." Here's a hint: that's not true. But of course, it caused a huge backlash, controversy, blah, blah, blah. The most important part is that Kanye was, for a short while, an internet meme. Some were funny, some weren't and some I genuinely didn't understand. Like this one.
   I was thinking, "What is this weird-ass image with Kanye West and what appears to be a retarded black boy?" So I googled Tay Zonday, having no idea what to expect. I then discovered the Chocolate Rain phenomenon. For some reason, I couldn't stop listening to the crazy teenager (Tay Zonday is actually 27) going off in his ridiculous voice about "racism." I wanted to find more out about him, so I clicked on his YouTube channel.
   Now here's the thick of the plot, because the video that started playing upon clicking on Tay's username was this.
   It's a Tay Zonday song, whatever. But the part of the creepy white guy towards the end of the video was stuck in my head forever. This story, dear children, is that of how I became a rap fan. At this point in my life, I had no real interest in music. My favorite band was the Gorillaz, but I only owned one CD of theirs, and I didn't listen to it often. I was in that state where I thought rap was dumb.
   All I had heard of rap was... I dunno. But I was under the impression that all rap was about sex, drugs, money, and alcohol. And back then I wasn't into stuff like that. But the man that Tay called "waxandherbalt" was a revelation. I had to go to his channel, too. Bam.
   Holy shit.
   Holy fucking shit.
   This was rap. And it was beautiful. Meaningful. Interesting. I didn't want to admit I liked it. What would people think when I said I was a rap fan? But I couldn't stop listening. I listened to it over and over, spent hours relistening until I could memorize the lyrics. Until yesterday, I hadn't listened to it in like two months. I still knew the words, they come natural to me.
   This duo was fantastic. I made a YouTube account so I could subscribe to both the white guy (who I had figured out by this point was Wax, one half of "Wax and Herbal T") and the Korean guy. A few days later, the Korean, whose name I got as "Dumbfoundead" posted my favorite song ever. Ever.
   And from there, I was a rap fan. When I got an iPod for Christmas this past year, "Wax and DFD are Clockwise" was the first album I purchased. Since then, I've gotten acclimated with other underground rappers, and some mainstream artists, too.
   So, I'm a rap fan. And people think I'm a douche.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shit dawg, whatchu tryna pull?

Song of the Day: Party Rock Anthem (LMFAO)
   God, I hate that song. So, sorry for the lack of quality posts here for awhile. Not really though, they were funny. Things that have happened to me since my last real update to this blog:
  • I turned 15
   I don't lead a very exciting life. But in seriousness, I got back from Hawai'i on the 27th of June, to come home to the most wonderful Albuquerque International Airport. Except it wasn't wonderful, because it was 93 degrees. See, in Hawai'i, it's ok when it's hot, cuz it's also wet. Here it's dry. And the WHOLE GODDAMN STATE IS ON FIRE.
   I only spent one day back here in New Mexico before it's off to Ohio. Now, I was glad to get away from the heat, but you have to understand that Ohio is not a good place, no matter how much Ohioans deny that. Especially Columbus. Columbus is made of Catholic schools, churches, and strip malls. And rain. And I was going to Ohio to go to my grandma's wedding. The woman is 77.
   It was kinda cool to see my family again though. My mom's side of the family (in Hawai'i) is very small, as opposed to my dad's side. My dad has seven brothers and sisters, and all but one has at least two kids. I have a really, really hard time remembering all my cousins' names. But I got to see a few who I haven't seen in years. My cousin Connor is going to be a sophomore in college, and he's playing wide reciever for the University of Wisconsin. That's cool. My cousin Rory plays college basketball. So he's basically just my idol.
   The wedding itself was horribly awkward. My whole family is pretty Catholic, so as they were reciting prayers n' shit, I was like, "Who the fuck is Jesus?" Just kidding, I really like Jesus as a historical figure. But whatever. It was ok.
   Now, I am back in New Mexico, and my summer is rolling. I really, really, really, ant to try out for Santa Fe High's basketball team. I've definitely already mentioned this, but I'm going to a new school this upcoming year, and it has no sports program. However, I can still play sports at other high schools. I'm not very good at basketball. But my goal is to be good enough by the end of the summer to make the Junior Varsity.
   To acheive that, I've been reading a book. My uncle gave it to me in Hawai'i, because he used to coach. It's old, and very campy, but it's truthfully a pretty useful book. I've also been watching ShotScience. I'm shooting upwards of 150 shots a day, so I hope that at the very least, I can be a few quick points on the team when the team needs it (which is often, I believe I mentioned in an old post that Santa Fe High is awful at every sport ever).
   In other news, I read The Alchemist. By Paulo Coelho. Holy shit. Fan-fucking-tastic. All I'll say is that I've read it three times. So, end of this long-ass post, too bad it wasn't interesting.