Sunday, October 30, 2011

Am I cool yet


   I've been playing League of Legends a lot lately. I think it really is just a fun, well-made game whose fan base is made up of elitist assholes. But still. Look at them scores. I'm not gonna show any scores from before like last week, because that was before I started using Hyfe's guide, and my scores suck.  But look at them now!  I'm awesome as Nasus, as long as my team lets me solo top.  Even so, I think that once I save up to 6300 IP I'm gonna start maining as Renekton.  The art spotlight for Renekton is was made me first hear of LoL, and I love his backstory, design, and playstyle so yeah.
   Nothing much is happening. I got mostly "A"s as of midterms, so that was cool.  The only "B" I got was in Drafting, and that's a pretty tough class. Um. Halloween is tomorrow. I'm going as Eddie Bull from Crashbox. No link because it's impossible to find an image of Eddie anywhere. But it's a cool costume. I'm gonna go trick-or-treating with Noah, and if Anson decides to stop BEING A LITTLE BITCH we'll all go together.
   Basketball tryouts are probably pretty soon, and I'm still not good. So that sucks. Huh. Writing that, I just realized I'll probably never make the team. Oh well, there's always League of Legends.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


hahaha guys

   Oh man, lately all I've been doing is favoriting stuff ironically and making fun of people on Deviantart Oh my god, though, this is the best. I actually think this is too bad to be real; honestly it could be ironic, too, haha.
   So, the giveaway is still going on, I figure that once it goes past deadline I'll just give the product to the first request. After that, I'll release my Promo Code, which will let you get My Memories for 10% off.
   As for things in general, I feel like I haven't done an update here in like three years. I'm slowly growing more acclimated to school. Actually, I've been kind of enjoying it lately. I have a whole bunch of hour or two long breaks, so I kinda just get to chill or do homework. The classes that I'm actually taking at my school are really easy and kind of lame (like Environmental Science, haha), but the three college classes I'm taking are really interesting and cool, albeit pretty difficult.
   There is a downside to this great schedule, though. My mom can't pick me up from school every day, so usually my dad does. And that's fine and everything, I don't really care who picks me up and who doesn't. However, I don't have a basketball hoop at my dad's house, so I'm really not getting to practice as much as I would like to. I would just use the court at my school, cuz we have really nice facilities, but they have this gay policy where you can't use the gym unless you're taking a physical education class. Otherwise, it costs six bucks a day to use it. Six goddamn bucks a day!
   So I stepped up my basketball routine when I can do it. I do more cardio and conditioning stuff, along with flexibility. I still do the same shooting routine that I talked about before, but I'm doing extra free throws as well as about 15 minutes per workout of the Mikan Drill. I also dribble. A lot. Pete Maravich, one of my favorite basketball players of all time, used to dribble a basketball everywhere he went, or so goes the tale. Speaking of Pete Maravich, he has a great series of basketball "homework" videos, which I have started putting into a Youtube playlist here. They aren't quite in order, but the shooting series is and that's what really matters.
   In addition to actual playing skills, I've been lifting and trying to build actual muscle. I just think that that's a good idea, since unlike what I was doing in the summer, my drills themselves won't help in that area. I also want a new pair of shoes. I have some pretty decent ones right now that I do like and will continue to wear, but if I do end up making the basketball team I want a pair of real basketball shoes. It's too bad that a nice pair of Air Jordans will run you a good $150-200 bucks, and that's for the "retro" re-releases. But whatever, I'm fairly certain I can't make the team anyway.
   So, just a solid update to keep on, I dunno. Updating. And trying to avoid homework.