Friday, April 22, 2011

dese bitches cannot be real

Song of the day: Limousine (Wax)
   Ok, so. Here I am to talk about Impossible Creatures. Now, this was a 2002 Microsoft RTS game. It received great praise from critics, but sold very poorly. It revolved around the creative idea of combining animals to make an army of genetic monsters. It was always overshadowed by fellow Microsoft RTS Age of Mythology.
   This game is fantastic. I reinstalled it the other day, and have barely stopped playing. for being nine years old, the graphics and sound are great. The campaign is terrible, but the simple Player vs. Computer mode offers enough game by itself. It's a shame Microsoft no longer supports the online servers, as I never got the chance to play online as a kid.
   I was never very good, and I'm still not, but hey. This game is still fucking god-awesome. Can't get enough. My favorite unit is a Chimp/Elephant. Late-game artillery is totally beast, and I'm a sucker for the Pack Hunter/Herding combo. It has bad eyesight, but bitch, who needs good eyesight when you're a rock-throwing elephant?
   Who else wants a sequel?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i rote a pome 2

hey gais to make up 4 my bad bloging bcuz noah told me my blog is gay so i rote a pome its a twilight fan fic too and also its supost 2 be a metafor 4 a gilr whoz parents dyed

there was a girl and she wuz rly rly prety but blind andso she got a ai tranzplant and wen she saw her boyfrend it turnd out he didnot have eyss so she brok up w/ him and he sed im sory i gave up my ays 4 u and also he wuz runing acros a chekred flor and thre wus a lone raven cirkling overhed teh grll said hes alon like me ok i hope u likd the pome it wuz rly rly hard 2 rite!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wassup, fools?

Song of the day: Limousine (Wax)
   Whatchu know about new site banners, son? Yeah, I was saving that picture, but I decided this was a worthy cause. Ok, so, today, I met with a school counselor at the school I'm going to next year. Right now I'm going to Santa Fe High (did I already mention this?), and I'm having fun, but it's not a very good school. The Masters Program, where I went today, gives college credit for regular classes. Yes please.
   The woman was crazy though. I mean, just crazy. Just crazy.
   Oh, right, yesterday. The zoo. Not a whole lot of interesting animals at our zoo, but oh man. The gorillas. They're such gangsters. One, he was just like, sitting there, lookin' "g." Once in awhile, he brushed off his shoulders, you know, "Hey, gotta stay fresh, wassup?"
   This other one was sin the shade the whole time, and he had his hands like he was lighting up a cig. THen these other two, were just, you know, chillin' by the water when this other one walked up. He was a total pimp, so he was just like, "Bitches, clear the FUCK out."
   What a quality blog post.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thumbs up if you agree

Song of the day: Through the Fire and Flames (Dragonforce)
   The song of the day is just whatever song I happen to be listening to when I write up a post.   
   So, I usually wear this sweatshirt. It's plain blue with some lighter blue stripes. It might actually be one of the old hoodies from when Shaun White first got really popular and had a line at Target. I got it as a present a long time ago and had never worn it 'til this year. It's still big for me.
   Throughout middle school, I wore this simple wool zip up sweatshirt, and it was "meh." This year, I was wearing it again, but I kept getting shit about all the dog hair on it. My family has a lot of dogs and cats. So I started wearing that blue one. It's pretty plain, so I figured, meh, I may as well wear it.
   Yesterday, I went to play basketball with Miguel and Danny again, and my sweatshirt fell on the dirt. I still wanted to wear something other than my shirt, so I put on another one.
   I got it as a present a few years ago, and had kinda just forgot about it. It looks like this, except blue. Do changes in wardrobe really matter that much? I figured no one would notice, but I got a couple of compliments on my new sweatshirt. I felt like kind of a badass, to tell the truth. I very rarely get compliments. And by "rarely," I mean never.
   But then, we were working on this thing in biology. It's kinda hard to explain, but basically, me and another kid ended up both studying the same picture, because I had the number wrong. When someone told me I had the wrong picture, I told them to screw off.
   I really, really hate being wrong. TO be honest, that's the only reason I ever get mad. If someone thinks I'm wrong, or I know I'm wrong. So it kinda put a damper on my mood.
   But whatever. MESA is going to the zoo tomorrow. I get to miss a whole day of school. TO GO TO THE ZOO. Yes, please.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Don't do that

   Hey, 6-D, don't post stupid things anymore. Like really, I'm sorry you guys (haha, I don't really have readers) even had to see that. Because I read it back over today, and god-fucking-damn, I come across as such a whiny little bitch.
   But, good news. Noah (LORDY JONES, if you don't remember) and I are working on a rap. It's about Diglett. Both our verses are really clever, as is Noah's chorus. Right now we're working on a beat. We were just gonna try to use something from the brilliant mind of Tripmaster Monk, but his beautiful, mournful tracks don't really fit our ridiculous song.
   So we're just making something on Garageband. Neither of us know how to work Garageband. Basically all we have now is a pre-made rhythm from the 'Band, with some of Diglett's cries layered onto it. We're learning, shut up.
   We wrote this rap on the way back from a MESA competition. I told you how me and Noah accidentally won our District competition. Our teacher, Mr. Trujillo, added a sophomore (a kid I'm kinda friends with named Nico) and a Senior (Steven) to our group, almost like a reward for doing so well last time.
   We had edited our wind generator (I call it Sharkbeater, but no one else likes that name...), and we did well at both the written challenge and the hands-on challenge, so we figured we were fit to at least hit the Top 10 and get some ribbons.
   As they announced more names, we thought, "Hey, maybe we did really well!" By the time they got to the Top 2, we were like, "HOLY FUCK TOP TWO OMGOMGOMG." But then they didn't call us. So we didn't even Top 10. Oops.
   But then Mr. Trujillo took us to the Texas Steakhouse, and we all forgot our sorrow.

Monday, April 4, 2011

What is happening to

   Okay, so, maybe Florida sucks, too. I forgot to mention that I'm still alive. Excited for the National Championship, though. I'm pulling for UCONN, but I don't care if Butler wins. My bracket is busted anyway. I just want a good game.
   Yesterday, I felt really depressed. I don't know why, tbh. Well, I kinda do. I had a whole blog post set out in my mind. It went like this.
I feel depressed. See, today, I went to play basketball with Miguel and another good friend of mine, Danny, at the local Community Center. We invited another buddy, Ambrose, but he couldn't come for whatever reason. We were gonna play two-on-two, but with only three, we played 21.
   I was embarrassed. Miguel won the first game, with 21. Danny had 19, I had... eight. I was disgusted. And angry. It wasn't even a good day, or a fun game. Danny and Miguel were poking fun at me, which normally I don't mind, because I'm normally not that bad. But I was pissed.
   Second game. I fared better, with 14. But Miguel got 20, and Danny won with 21. When I got home, I didn't know what to do. I was just angry.
   Miguel has a new girlfriend, but I didn't know that, and said she wasn't that hot. He got mad at me, and said that I can say that when I at least talk to a hot girl. Maybe it's the epiphany that my half-joking "I can never get a girlfriend" jokes are quickly becoming a reality.
   And I know it's not a big deal, but I've been feeling kinda bad before today, too. I dunno. I've been working on the Torture Meme. And I kinda just realized how pathetic I am.
   So I decided, hey, maybe  I can finally write a good rap. "Music and Liquor," that's a good rap, right? And it's essentially about depression, right? But I couldn't even do that. Turns out, meaningful lyrics require more than teenage melodrama.
   I've decided I need a life change. I'm gonna start hardcore training for basketball.
  Or just give it up completely. 
 But today, I feel better. We played basketball again, but this time Ambrose could come. It was fun, two-on-two, but I always kinda feel nervous playing with other people, because if I mess up, I'm a liability to my team. I'm way better just playing against Miguel. But Miguel and Danny won, so we decided to have a one-on-one tournament.
   So, at least I didn't look horrible. Miguel beat me, but it was close, and I had some great plays. He just outlasted me, because I'm no athlete.
   So now, I'm chilling at home, I got a eight-pack of Dr. Pepper, life is good.