Sunday, April 10, 2011

Don't do that

   Hey, 6-D, don't post stupid things anymore. Like really, I'm sorry you guys (haha, I don't really have readers) even had to see that. Because I read it back over today, and god-fucking-damn, I come across as such a whiny little bitch.
   But, good news. Noah (LORDY JONES, if you don't remember) and I are working on a rap. It's about Diglett. Both our verses are really clever, as is Noah's chorus. Right now we're working on a beat. We were just gonna try to use something from the brilliant mind of Tripmaster Monk, but his beautiful, mournful tracks don't really fit our ridiculous song.
   So we're just making something on Garageband. Neither of us know how to work Garageband. Basically all we have now is a pre-made rhythm from the 'Band, with some of Diglett's cries layered onto it. We're learning, shut up.
   We wrote this rap on the way back from a MESA competition. I told you how me and Noah accidentally won our District competition. Our teacher, Mr. Trujillo, added a sophomore (a kid I'm kinda friends with named Nico) and a Senior (Steven) to our group, almost like a reward for doing so well last time.
   We had edited our wind generator (I call it Sharkbeater, but no one else likes that name...), and we did well at both the written challenge and the hands-on challenge, so we figured we were fit to at least hit the Top 10 and get some ribbons.
   As they announced more names, we thought, "Hey, maybe we did really well!" By the time they got to the Top 2, we were like, "HOLY FUCK TOP TWO OMGOMGOMG." But then they didn't call us. So we didn't even Top 10. Oops.
   But then Mr. Trujillo took us to the Texas Steakhouse, and we all forgot our sorrow.

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