Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I haven't posted in like two weeks
   But don't worry, I am back, and improved with free giveaways. YES. FREE giveaways. Awhile ago I was approached by a company called My Memories, who wanted to do a promotional deal with me. So here it is. I get to give away a free copy of the My Memories software, which primarily creates scrapbook templates, but I have been informed it does much more.
   I haven't been able to play around with it much yet, but I will definitely post about my experiences with the program in the coming week. I've done my research and am excited to try it out for myself.
   SO here it is. Entry information below.

1. GO to
2. CHOOSE your favorite digital paper pack or layout
3. COMMENT on this post telling me your top picks!

   It's that simple, so go ahead and enter! I'll be taking entries up until the 12th of October, so yeah. Just enter and if you win I'll contact you with the information on how to download the My Memories suite. By the way, if you "Like" My Memories on Facebook or follow them on Twitter (and your e-mail address is the same as your Blogger's), you can enter the giveaway twice!

My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Software
My Memories Blog
My Memories Facebook
My Memories Twitter
My Memories YouTube

Check 'em out, enter the contest, all that.
Also I have a math test tomorrow I'm screwed

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fuck damn and shit

The pattern of this blog:

1. Be mundane
2. Do something stupid
3. Be a loser and blog about it
4. Be a bigger loser and make fun of yourself for being a loser
5. Be mundane

Lather, rinse, repeat.
   I mentioned a while back that I wanted to find a focus of this blog. I thought I'd just show an example of what I mean. A favorite blog of mine is The Android's Closet. It focuses on video games; video game culture, news, etc. Most things related to video games can be found on The Android's Closet. This common theme, in tandem with great writing by Mr. Adequate and Pike (of Aspect of the Hare fame) makes it a truly enjoyable blog to read, especially since it's updated regularly.
   This is the standard that I want to get to. A regularly updated blog with interesting, related content, that also has a devoted fanbase and good writing. The problem is, I'm not sure how to get there. My life is equal parts Pokemon, basketball, art, and internet, but I don't feel that I'm interested in (or knowledgable about) any of those subjects enough to consistently write about them.

   Was this a good post? In depth, simple, no humor but also no feeling-sorry-for-yourself-suckiness?

EDIT: Hey guys, I am removing all uses of the word "fag" on this blog; I recently received a promotional offer, and though they have said nothing on this subject, I feel that I should try to appear a bit more professional. So I thought this would be the right move, especially because I actually condone gay rights.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


   I left Pokebeach. Maybe I've talked about Pokebeach...? Anyway, it's a Pokemon news/TCG fansite, with a massive forum. For the last two years Pokebeach has been a pretty big part of my life, as lame as that sounds. I've amassed almost 3,000 posts and over a month online. Me, Anson and Noah originally joined when we were just getting into the TCG, and needed advice.
   But in the last few months, Pokebeach has detiorated. Much of the staff is inactive and or unknowledgable about the forums they're moderating, and the members have gotten exponentially less intelligent compared to when we joined.
   Noah got banned like a month back and the staff has refused to lift his ban (despite him being an active poster with a few spam warnings). And about a week ago, a favorite member of ours, Bacon, made the desicion to leave the forums. All I ever did was look at Bacon's posts. The TCG section of the site is horrible nowadays, and the VG section isn't much better. So, my leaving basically comes down to that I don't feel like I can learn any more from Pokebeach, and I really hate a lot of people there.
   So, I've decided I'm gonna start focusing more on other things. I'll do more art, play more basketball. Now that I'm gone, I've kinda put it into perspective and seen how much time I was wasting on a Pokemon forum. I started playing AdventureQuest again, even though that's not much better.
   But I'm not on some emo shit right now or anything, haha. But the truth is that the Pokebeach community has been pretty important to me the past two years, and it kind of is like the end of an era. I'm still gonna play Pokemon. It's fun, the TCG (to an extent, the format sucks ass right now), and competitive VG. And I'll still keep in touch with a few members through my DeviantART. But I got rid of Pokebeach on my favorites bar and haven't touched it all day, and honestly I feel better.
   It's just kind of odd.

Friday, September 9, 2011


shit i have a blog
   I'm sick today. Huh. That's how this blog started. That was like half a year ago. Shit.
   Okay, so. I've never mentioned this here (or really anywhere), but I am a huuuuuuuuuge sucker for a few types of plots. Or plot themes. Or whatever. I really like closure, which is why the whole "full circle" thing is kinda cool to me. That's partially why I'm such a huge fan of The Alchemist, the ending comes full circle.
   The other one is time travel plotlines. Especially when the characters do something that has an unexpected effect on the present, or when they end up meeting themselves. Even though that's kinda (read: really) overdone, I dunno. I just really like it. The passage of time is something that is hugely fascinating to me.
   In relation to that, I really, really, hate the feeling of nostalgia. Looking through old photos or my drawings gets me every time. For Christ's sake, I'm starting to get sad just thinking about nostalgia. That's why I write letters to myself.
   Oh, I've never mentioned that, either? Well, it's a pretty common thing, often done at small schools to remind students that they change over the course of the year. My freshman English teacher, Mr. Boatman, also had us do it. He said that he writes a new letter to himself every year. I think that's pretty cool. Someday, when I grow up, I'd love to have a collection of letters that very clearly show my evolution over time.
   That, of course, reconnects to the fact that the passage of time is very interesting to me.
   I should do posts like this more often. I don't lead a very exciting life, but my mind is weird as fuck.