Saturday, September 10, 2011


   I left Pokebeach. Maybe I've talked about Pokebeach...? Anyway, it's a Pokemon news/TCG fansite, with a massive forum. For the last two years Pokebeach has been a pretty big part of my life, as lame as that sounds. I've amassed almost 3,000 posts and over a month online. Me, Anson and Noah originally joined when we were just getting into the TCG, and needed advice.
   But in the last few months, Pokebeach has detiorated. Much of the staff is inactive and or unknowledgable about the forums they're moderating, and the members have gotten exponentially less intelligent compared to when we joined.
   Noah got banned like a month back and the staff has refused to lift his ban (despite him being an active poster with a few spam warnings). And about a week ago, a favorite member of ours, Bacon, made the desicion to leave the forums. All I ever did was look at Bacon's posts. The TCG section of the site is horrible nowadays, and the VG section isn't much better. So, my leaving basically comes down to that I don't feel like I can learn any more from Pokebeach, and I really hate a lot of people there.
   So, I've decided I'm gonna start focusing more on other things. I'll do more art, play more basketball. Now that I'm gone, I've kinda put it into perspective and seen how much time I was wasting on a Pokemon forum. I started playing AdventureQuest again, even though that's not much better.
   But I'm not on some emo shit right now or anything, haha. But the truth is that the Pokebeach community has been pretty important to me the past two years, and it kind of is like the end of an era. I'm still gonna play Pokemon. It's fun, the TCG (to an extent, the format sucks ass right now), and competitive VG. And I'll still keep in touch with a few members through my DeviantART. But I got rid of Pokebeach on my favorites bar and haven't touched it all day, and honestly I feel better.
   It's just kind of odd.

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