Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Top 6(d): Songs that I listen to mostly ironically but a little bit because I actually like them

New type of post. See, my original idea with this blog was that I wouldn't say specific things about myself, and the readers (lol) would just get an idea of who I am through context and the stories I tell.
However, being that I only post on this blog when I'm bored or being a mopey dick (see what I did there? "Mopey dick," "Moby Dick?"), I don't believe that that's happening. So, I figure that these little "Top Six" lists will be easy enough for me to post on a regular basis, and might be somewhat entertaining (unless I do "The Top 6(d): Reasons that my friends are total jerks," or "The Top 6(d): things I love about vegetarianism").

6) Break Ya Neck- Busta Rhymes
I'm a really big fan of this funk-crunk beat (ironically), as you'll see in the upcoming list. The toats groovy tunes mixed with Busta's ridiculously fast spitting make me love this. Also I love the video. Why the hell is he on a farm? Why is he red? What the shit is his hair doing?

5) Crazy Rap (Colt .45 and Two Zig-Zags)- Afroman
The pure crassness of this song get me every time. I somehow have the censored version on my iPod, and it's hilarious because you just CAN'T HEAR THE SONG. The last part is taken out completely ("So you start to eat the pussy"). You can watch the video here, but the KKK line as well as the last part is censored.

4) Teach Me How To Dougie- Cali Swag District
This is an unofficial video, the real one is here. This song was stuck in my head for like three months after M-Bone was killed earlier this year. Nuff said.

3) Lean Like a Cholo- Down AKA Kilo
Maybe this song wasn't as popular nationally as it was in New Mexico... I actually grew up listening to the parody, "Lean like a Chola," and I only have the original because my sister downloaded the wrong one like eight years ago... Got dat crunk beat.

2) Go To Church- Ice Cube ft. Snoop Dogg and Lil Jon
Love this song. My favorite part is the giant, inflatable west-side hand. How the hell ass did they find something like that? But specifics aside, it's great because it's about the trashiest, blackest video in the history of anything (especially during Snoop Dogg's verse... that car...), and all of the guys are about 90 and Ice Cube is a child's movie actor.

1) Through the Fire and Flames- Dragonforce
The Asian guy's hair is too good. The reason this song is the best is because the only thing it has to its name is how fast it is (look at their fingers, haha) but it doesn't even sound good in the end. And their hair, and oh god the lyrics. What do they mean? What does "fighting hard, fighting on for the steel" mean? I wish I could count the amount of times I've declared myself DJ so I could have an excuse to play this song.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Haha fuck

   I think I already have a post with this title


   I don't even know what I am doing with this blog

   Not much


   Best post

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Am I cool yet


   I've been playing League of Legends a lot lately. I think it really is just a fun, well-made game whose fan base is made up of elitist assholes. But still. Look at them scores. I'm not gonna show any scores from before like last week, because that was before I started using Hyfe's guide, and my scores suck.  But look at them now!  I'm awesome as Nasus, as long as my team lets me solo top.  Even so, I think that once I save up to 6300 IP I'm gonna start maining as Renekton.  The art spotlight for Renekton is was made me first hear of LoL, and I love his backstory, design, and playstyle so yeah.
   Nothing much is happening. I got mostly "A"s as of midterms, so that was cool.  The only "B" I got was in Drafting, and that's a pretty tough class. Um. Halloween is tomorrow. I'm going as Eddie Bull from Crashbox. No link because it's impossible to find an image of Eddie anywhere. But it's a cool costume. I'm gonna go trick-or-treating with Noah, and if Anson decides to stop BEING A LITTLE BITCH we'll all go together.
   Basketball tryouts are probably pretty soon, and I'm still not good. So that sucks. Huh. Writing that, I just realized I'll probably never make the team. Oh well, there's always League of Legends.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


hahaha guys

   Oh man, lately all I've been doing is favoriting stuff ironically and making fun of people on Deviantart Oh my god, though, this is the best. I actually think this is too bad to be real; honestly it could be ironic, too, haha.
   So, the giveaway is still going on, I figure that once it goes past deadline I'll just give the product to the first request. After that, I'll release my Promo Code, which will let you get My Memories for 10% off.
   As for things in general, I feel like I haven't done an update here in like three years. I'm slowly growing more acclimated to school. Actually, I've been kind of enjoying it lately. I have a whole bunch of hour or two long breaks, so I kinda just get to chill or do homework. The classes that I'm actually taking at my school are really easy and kind of lame (like Environmental Science, haha), but the three college classes I'm taking are really interesting and cool, albeit pretty difficult.
   There is a downside to this great schedule, though. My mom can't pick me up from school every day, so usually my dad does. And that's fine and everything, I don't really care who picks me up and who doesn't. However, I don't have a basketball hoop at my dad's house, so I'm really not getting to practice as much as I would like to. I would just use the court at my school, cuz we have really nice facilities, but they have this gay policy where you can't use the gym unless you're taking a physical education class. Otherwise, it costs six bucks a day to use it. Six goddamn bucks a day!
   So I stepped up my basketball routine when I can do it. I do more cardio and conditioning stuff, along with flexibility. I still do the same shooting routine that I talked about before, but I'm doing extra free throws as well as about 15 minutes per workout of the Mikan Drill. I also dribble. A lot. Pete Maravich, one of my favorite basketball players of all time, used to dribble a basketball everywhere he went, or so goes the tale. Speaking of Pete Maravich, he has a great series of basketball "homework" videos, which I have started putting into a Youtube playlist here. They aren't quite in order, but the shooting series is and that's what really matters.
   In addition to actual playing skills, I've been lifting and trying to build actual muscle. I just think that that's a good idea, since unlike what I was doing in the summer, my drills themselves won't help in that area. I also want a new pair of shoes. I have some pretty decent ones right now that I do like and will continue to wear, but if I do end up making the basketball team I want a pair of real basketball shoes. It's too bad that a nice pair of Air Jordans will run you a good $150-200 bucks, and that's for the "retro" re-releases. But whatever, I'm fairly certain I can't make the team anyway.
   So, just a solid update to keep on, I dunno. Updating. And trying to avoid homework.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I haven't posted in like two weeks
   But don't worry, I am back, and improved with free giveaways. YES. FREE giveaways. Awhile ago I was approached by a company called My Memories, who wanted to do a promotional deal with me. So here it is. I get to give away a free copy of the My Memories software, which primarily creates scrapbook templates, but I have been informed it does much more.
   I haven't been able to play around with it much yet, but I will definitely post about my experiences with the program in the coming week. I've done my research and am excited to try it out for myself.
   SO here it is. Entry information below.

1. GO to www.mymemories.com
2. CHOOSE your favorite digital paper pack or layout
3. COMMENT on this post telling me your top picks!

   It's that simple, so go ahead and enter! I'll be taking entries up until the 12th of October, so yeah. Just enter and if you win I'll contact you with the information on how to download the My Memories suite. By the way, if you "Like" My Memories on Facebook or follow them on Twitter (and your e-mail address is the same as your Blogger's), you can enter the giveaway twice!

My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Software
My Memories Blog
My Memories Facebook
My Memories Twitter
My Memories YouTube

Check 'em out, enter the contest, all that.
Also I have a math test tomorrow I'm screwed

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fuck damn and shit

The pattern of this blog:

1. Be mundane
2. Do something stupid
3. Be a loser and blog about it
4. Be a bigger loser and make fun of yourself for being a loser
5. Be mundane

Lather, rinse, repeat.
   I mentioned a while back that I wanted to find a focus of this blog. I thought I'd just show an example of what I mean. A favorite blog of mine is The Android's Closet. It focuses on video games; video game culture, news, etc. Most things related to video games can be found on The Android's Closet. This common theme, in tandem with great writing by Mr. Adequate and Pike (of Aspect of the Hare fame) makes it a truly enjoyable blog to read, especially since it's updated regularly.
   This is the standard that I want to get to. A regularly updated blog with interesting, related content, that also has a devoted fanbase and good writing. The problem is, I'm not sure how to get there. My life is equal parts Pokemon, basketball, art, and internet, but I don't feel that I'm interested in (or knowledgable about) any of those subjects enough to consistently write about them.

   Was this a good post? In depth, simple, no humor but also no feeling-sorry-for-yourself-suckiness?

EDIT: Hey guys, I am removing all uses of the word "fag" on this blog; I recently received a promotional offer, and though they have said nothing on this subject, I feel that I should try to appear a bit more professional. So I thought this would be the right move, especially because I actually condone gay rights.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


   I left Pokebeach. Maybe I've talked about Pokebeach...? Anyway, it's a Pokemon news/TCG fansite, with a massive forum. For the last two years Pokebeach has been a pretty big part of my life, as lame as that sounds. I've amassed almost 3,000 posts and over a month online. Me, Anson and Noah originally joined when we were just getting into the TCG, and needed advice.
   But in the last few months, Pokebeach has detiorated. Much of the staff is inactive and or unknowledgable about the forums they're moderating, and the members have gotten exponentially less intelligent compared to when we joined.
   Noah got banned like a month back and the staff has refused to lift his ban (despite him being an active poster with a few spam warnings). And about a week ago, a favorite member of ours, Bacon, made the desicion to leave the forums. All I ever did was look at Bacon's posts. The TCG section of the site is horrible nowadays, and the VG section isn't much better. So, my leaving basically comes down to that I don't feel like I can learn any more from Pokebeach, and I really hate a lot of people there.
   So, I've decided I'm gonna start focusing more on other things. I'll do more art, play more basketball. Now that I'm gone, I've kinda put it into perspective and seen how much time I was wasting on a Pokemon forum. I started playing AdventureQuest again, even though that's not much better.
   But I'm not on some emo shit right now or anything, haha. But the truth is that the Pokebeach community has been pretty important to me the past two years, and it kind of is like the end of an era. I'm still gonna play Pokemon. It's fun, the TCG (to an extent, the format sucks ass right now), and competitive VG. And I'll still keep in touch with a few members through my DeviantART. But I got rid of Pokebeach on my favorites bar and haven't touched it all day, and honestly I feel better.
   It's just kind of odd.

Friday, September 9, 2011


shit i have a blog
   I'm sick today. Huh. That's how this blog started. That was like half a year ago. Shit.
   Okay, so. I've never mentioned this here (or really anywhere), but I am a huuuuuuuuuge sucker for a few types of plots. Or plot themes. Or whatever. I really like closure, which is why the whole "full circle" thing is kinda cool to me. That's partially why I'm such a huge fan of The Alchemist, the ending comes full circle.
   The other one is time travel plotlines. Especially when the characters do something that has an unexpected effect on the present, or when they end up meeting themselves. Even though that's kinda (read: really) overdone, I dunno. I just really like it. The passage of time is something that is hugely fascinating to me.
   In relation to that, I really, really, hate the feeling of nostalgia. Looking through old photos or my drawings gets me every time. For Christ's sake, I'm starting to get sad just thinking about nostalgia. That's why I write letters to myself.
   Oh, I've never mentioned that, either? Well, it's a pretty common thing, often done at small schools to remind students that they change over the course of the year. My freshman English teacher, Mr. Boatman, also had us do it. He said that he writes a new letter to himself every year. I think that's pretty cool. Someday, when I grow up, I'd love to have a collection of letters that very clearly show my evolution over time.
   That, of course, reconnects to the fact that the passage of time is very interesting to me.
   I should do posts like this more often. I don't lead a very exciting life, but my mind is weird as fuck.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

School is for Kids with a Future

   I can tell because I am in school and do not like it. Honestly, switching may have been the wrong idea, but I'm pretty sure that I'm just forgetting how truly awful Santa Fe High was. I look at my classmates, and I'm like, "That kid's an idiot," but then I remember that I knew someone just like him at Santa Fe High.
   I think the good thing is that even though my new school does have morons and douches and thugs, it's different from Santa Fe High in that they aren't worshipped like gods here. Here, they're just stupid kids. Not the ones that really own the school.
   Did I ever mention Gabe?
   Funny story behind Gabe, but one for another time. The overarching idea is that the kid is an annoying shit head, but for whatever reason I've been in school with him for the last three years, and this is the fourth. But Noah came up with a plan. We're all just going to call him Josh. Not like in an annoying way, just in a, "Isn't your name Josh?" kinda way.
   That is, if we ever talk to him at all. Right now he's a loner, and honestly I'd prefer to keep it that way, unless we can shove my friend Sam off on him. Sam... well, I was told by Danny to not let him become a reject, but I'm hpoing I can do that, well, without being around him much.
   Really, him and Gabe would make a great duo, the "funny" (read: not funny) fat one, and the "smart" (read: not smart) little one.
   But I guess I'm liking it overall. We have to do a set amount of community service every year, so I'm kinda like "fuck that," and the organization could be better (that said, it's better than Santa Fe High's), but I think that in the end, making the switch was the right idea.
   Ugh, basketball. I haven't gotten to play in like five days, and I'm desperate just to hold a basketball at this point. I'm still considering trying out for the team, but honestly it might be better for me to take another year to improve, actually try. But on the other hand, if I punk out this year I probably will next year, too. But whatever.
   Just a update on my life.
   Oh yeah. Today I talked to Leyla over Facebook. I don't think I've ever talked about Leyla on this blog, but she went to elementary school with me, and last year we got to be pretty good friends. I've kinda missed her, because she was the only girl I've like ever talked to on a regular basis. Our conversation went something like this:
   "Hey Leyla, have you started school yet?"
   "Are you taking an engineering class?"
   "But everything's going well?"
   No, really, guys. Girls like me.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


   Hey guys, I have a Deviantart. It's right here. I really just draw thug gorillas and Pokemon but if that's your cup of tea feel free to check it out, I guess. School starts tomorrow. Well, orientation. So... fuck. I know Santa Fe High started on Monday, so I texted Miguel. I wanted to know when basketball tryouts are. I tried to play it kinda cool, you know, I wasn't gonna be like, "Man, I'm gonna make the basketball team against all odds, so tell me when I can!"
   So my text went something like, "Hey man, do you know when basketball tryouts are at your school?"
   His response:
   I don't think Miguel has faith in my basketball playing abilities. I'm trying to do some more art recently, cuz in the past month or so I've done barely any. As such, I went and drew like a dozen things over the weekend, and I have at least 10 more planned. I just need to find the time and motivation to actually finish pieces that I start.
   All that I've been listening to is mainstream rap, and I'm not really sure why. I worry that I'm starting to like Drake. I like Big Sean. "I Do It" certainly has its moments. I've also been listening to Sahtyre's live version of "Miss Communication" on Knocksteady Live.
   But fuck, I'm so not ready for school. Ugh, I really don't want to have to start dealing with other human beings again. Ugh. I mentioned  a while back the Hawaiian phrase "futless," which is kinda how I feel now, except just kinda not looking forward to anything at all. But whatever. As soon as I digitalize all my data for the summer (in terms of basketball), I'll post it here, so my readers (lol) can see how little I improved despite my efforts.

Friday, August 12, 2011

I Live for LoL

   It's all I've been doing for like three days. Unfortunately, at my mom's house the computer is pretty slow, and I lag a lot. But whatever. If there is one flaw with the game, it's the people who play it. Seriously, how come every single League of Legends player who isn't a noob is a total douche?
   Just now, I was playing on Summoner's Rift, I spent all early game grinding in the bottom lane with a guy playing Wukong (who was even more of a noob than me). By midgame, the Wukong guy had quit, but I had a ton of levels and gold on everyone, so I just kept pushing the bottom lane. I was at the Inhibitor tower and retreating, and I got ganked by the three strongest of the other team's players.
   Suddenly, this dude playing Kassadin goes, "dude what the fuck are you doing pushing by yourself?"
   I said, "I didn't see the other team, I thought you guys were dealing with them, so I thought I could push by myself." That's reasonable, because I'm playing a DPS Nasus, and obviously I can clear the lane easily. But the dude keeps being a douche, so I decide to group in mid and push with the rest of the team (minus Wukong). We all died.
   So the dude goes, "wtf r u gys doing we were winning?"
   And I'm kinda thinking, "Oh, you mean when I was pushing bot successfully and about to start spawning super minions?"
   We ended up winning. Now, I'm not great at LoL. Of course, I'm just a noob myself. Still, I ended up going like 3/13/7, with almost 200 minion kills and four tower destroys. But I never understood why someone can't be good at a video game and still be a good person. You damn straight I reported that bitch for flaming, and the Wukong guy for leaving.
   I mean, I guess I would feel the same way if I were a really good player, but I mean, why didn't he just tell me what to do instead of being a dick? And it's not like we're playing ranked matches or anything. The only reason I didn't flame his ass back is to avoid being reported.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fuck LoL

   Another day with no song because I thought it might be interesting to go back and see what songs I had stuck in my head but it turns out it was a really dumb idea that I don't care about. So I guess no more Song of the Day.
   So, I have like 100 GB of free space on this computer, so I was like, "Hey, I'm gonna install League of Legends." I've seen some of the art work on YouTube and I really like it, and I watched a video by TheAcousticKind and I thought the gameplay looked fun. The way I figured it, I had nothing to lose.
   Except time. I've been waiting like five hours for this goddamn gae to install and update patches. The worst part is that the time remaining keeps going up while I'm not looking, so I'm like, "Oh, well I can afford to stay up another 15 minutes for the install to finish." But then a half hour later it says "15 minutes remaining." But whatever. I've been looking for something to do to fill up my time in these last few weeks before school starts, and I figure getting into a new game will do just fine.
   Seriously, what the shit is wrong with these programmers that they couldn't put the patches into the installation? I mean, really, what the fuck? Huh.
   I need to do some art. But lately I've been very uninspired (another thing I think LoL will kinda help with, since the art direction is so great), so meh. I'm not one of those guys who can just sit and draw.
   For the upcoming year, I plan on doing a character list. Like for my life. So that that way, I don't need to explain every person I ever talk about in my stories. I dunno. I think it could be interesting at the least. Ugh. I dunno. In Hawaiian pidgin, there's a phrase, "futless." It's a feeling between bored and frustrated and "meh." That's kinda just how I've been the past few days. Mostly bored though.
   I've stepped up my basketball routine, in the hopes that in the next few weeks my skills will improve exponentially and I can make the team. Maybe that's why I've been futless. 'Cause I've been working all summer at playing basketball, and honestly I'm not that much better than I was at the end of the school year. Meh.
   I'm only writing this because I'm bored. Waiting for League of Legends to patch. Only 53:56 and 489 MB remaining...

Saturday, August 6, 2011


   No song of the day because I am lazy.
   Sometimes I have to update this blog. I keep thinking I'm gonna write movie reviews, then I get lazy and think I'll do it later. Then I don't because I'm lazy. By the time I actually want to do it, the movie is like a month old and I feel like there's no point. WHATEVER MAN
   Um. I hhhhierrrregfnho
   Oh! School starts in like two weeks. That really sucks, because I am definitely not as good at basketball as I hoped to be by the end of summer, and most definitely not good enough to make the team.
   I read Grendel. Did I already mention that? Idk. WHATEVER MAN "
   i am sso kcooooooooooooooooooool

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Song of the Day: Concerto del Muerto (ft. Android and Bobby Bloodbath)- Wax and EOM
   This is a post about basketball. It is a post involving how I am preparing to make the Junior Varsity. Ok. This is the key. I shoot lots of shots around the key every day. My process:
  1. I warm up by just shooting around inside the paint. Back towards the hoop, I just turn and shoot. At least 20 times, just for warm up.
  2. I do dribbling exercises. Looking straight foward, I pass the ball from hand to hand in a figure eight around my legs, or I dribble in a figure eight around my legs.
  3. I stretch.
  4. Then I do my form shooting. I shoot at five spots around the key: The block and the line behind the line behind the block (on both sides), and the free throw line. I have to make at least 10 at each spot, and shoot at least 20. In between each place, I sprint a 25-foot distance back and forth 12 times. I record all my makes and misses in a nootebook.
  5. I do 20 layups on the right. I have to make at least 18.
  6. I shoot 10 times from the top of the arc. I don't have a minimum make level, because I don't want to overwork myself shooting distance (the further away from the basket you are, the more there is a breakdown of fundamental technique).
  7. I do 20 layups on the left. I have to make at least 18.
I should also be concerned with stuff like nutrition and diet and lifting, but I figure, eh, I'm trying to make the junior varsity at a school with a failing athletics program. I don't need to worry that much.

This post was extra boring and unfunny. I just thought you might have been curious.

You probably weren't.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Quality Story

Song of the Day: Concerto del Muerto ft. Android and Bobby Bloodbath- Wax and EOM
   Gather round, children, and let me tell you a story.
   Actually, wait. Let's do some updates. I am doing a wonderful Soulsilver Nuzlocke over on Pokebeach, which btw, has a beautiful layout that will force to spend even more time there. I'm back on my shooting regimen, after skipping a couple days at my dad's house. Still praying for that JV. Still praying.
   Ok, those are all the updates. I don't lead a very exciting life.
   Gather round children, and let me tell you a story. It's a story about how I became who I am today. The event that impacted how I live my life today.
   The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Bear with me. See, as everybody knows, that was the year that Kanye West jumped up on the stage to announce that Beyonce's "Single Ladies" was "one of the best videos of all time." Here's a hint: that's not true. But of course, it caused a huge backlash, controversy, blah, blah, blah. The most important part is that Kanye was, for a short while, an internet meme. Some were funny, some weren't and some I genuinely didn't understand. Like this one.
   I was thinking, "What is this weird-ass image with Kanye West and what appears to be a retarded black boy?" So I googled Tay Zonday, having no idea what to expect. I then discovered the Chocolate Rain phenomenon. For some reason, I couldn't stop listening to the crazy teenager (Tay Zonday is actually 27) going off in his ridiculous voice about "racism." I wanted to find more out about him, so I clicked on his YouTube channel.
   Now here's the thick of the plot, because the video that started playing upon clicking on Tay's username was this.
   It's a Tay Zonday song, whatever. But the part of the creepy white guy towards the end of the video was stuck in my head forever. This story, dear children, is that of how I became a rap fan. At this point in my life, I had no real interest in music. My favorite band was the Gorillaz, but I only owned one CD of theirs, and I didn't listen to it often. I was in that state where I thought rap was dumb.
   All I had heard of rap was... I dunno. But I was under the impression that all rap was about sex, drugs, money, and alcohol. And back then I wasn't into stuff like that. But the man that Tay called "waxandherbalt" was a revelation. I had to go to his channel, too. Bam.
   Holy shit.
   Holy fucking shit.
   This was rap. And it was beautiful. Meaningful. Interesting. I didn't want to admit I liked it. What would people think when I said I was a rap fan? But I couldn't stop listening. I listened to it over and over, spent hours relistening until I could memorize the lyrics. Until yesterday, I hadn't listened to it in like two months. I still knew the words, they come natural to me.
   This duo was fantastic. I made a YouTube account so I could subscribe to both the white guy (who I had figured out by this point was Wax, one half of "Wax and Herbal T") and the Korean guy. A few days later, the Korean, whose name I got as "Dumbfoundead" posted my favorite song ever. Ever.
   And from there, I was a rap fan. When I got an iPod for Christmas this past year, "Wax and DFD are Clockwise" was the first album I purchased. Since then, I've gotten acclimated with other underground rappers, and some mainstream artists, too.
   So, I'm a rap fan. And people think I'm a douche.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shit dawg, whatchu tryna pull?

Song of the Day: Party Rock Anthem (LMFAO)
   God, I hate that song. So, sorry for the lack of quality posts here for awhile. Not really though, they were funny. Things that have happened to me since my last real update to this blog:
  • I turned 15
   I don't lead a very exciting life. But in seriousness, I got back from Hawai'i on the 27th of June, to come home to the most wonderful Albuquerque International Airport. Except it wasn't wonderful, because it was 93 degrees. See, in Hawai'i, it's ok when it's hot, cuz it's also wet. Here it's dry. And the WHOLE GODDAMN STATE IS ON FIRE.
   I only spent one day back here in New Mexico before it's off to Ohio. Now, I was glad to get away from the heat, but you have to understand that Ohio is not a good place, no matter how much Ohioans deny that. Especially Columbus. Columbus is made of Catholic schools, churches, and strip malls. And rain. And I was going to Ohio to go to my grandma's wedding. The woman is 77.
   It was kinda cool to see my family again though. My mom's side of the family (in Hawai'i) is very small, as opposed to my dad's side. My dad has seven brothers and sisters, and all but one has at least two kids. I have a really, really hard time remembering all my cousins' names. But I got to see a few who I haven't seen in years. My cousin Connor is going to be a sophomore in college, and he's playing wide reciever for the University of Wisconsin. That's cool. My cousin Rory plays college basketball. So he's basically just my idol.
   The wedding itself was horribly awkward. My whole family is pretty Catholic, so as they were reciting prayers n' shit, I was like, "Who the fuck is Jesus?" Just kidding, I really like Jesus as a historical figure. But whatever. It was ok.
   Now, I am back in New Mexico, and my summer is rolling. I really, really, really, ant to try out for Santa Fe High's basketball team. I've definitely already mentioned this, but I'm going to a new school this upcoming year, and it has no sports program. However, I can still play sports at other high schools. I'm not very good at basketball. But my goal is to be good enough by the end of the summer to make the Junior Varsity.
   To acheive that, I've been reading a book. My uncle gave it to me in Hawai'i, because he used to coach. It's old, and very campy, but it's truthfully a pretty useful book. I've also been watching ShotScience. I'm shooting upwards of 150 shots a day, so I hope that at the very least, I can be a few quick points on the team when the team needs it (which is often, I believe I mentioned in an old post that Santa Fe High is awful at every sport ever).
   In other news, I read The Alchemist. By Paulo Coelho. Holy shit. Fan-fucking-tastic. All I'll say is that I've read it three times. So, end of this long-ass post, too bad it wasn't interesting.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011

BRs Report

   So, I decided not to write a tourney report for le first day of Battle Roads, ‘cause I went 2-2 and that’s no good.  Saturday did have highlights, however, such as meeting out friend Malcom who works at Burger King.  But, I did good Sunday.  So, we started off by sleeping over at Pill’s house, me, Noah, Anson, and Pill.  Pill is Noah’s friend, and Saturday was the first day I met him.  He’s a cool kid, and our night was spent building decks and playing 20 questions.
   I played Kingdra/Jumpluff, because I’ve spent my time since States perfecting my list.  And I’m addicted to Jumpluff, dammit.  Jumpluff is fuckin’ terrible HGSS-on, so this was my last chance.  I only made two changes from Saturday to Sunday: adding in Froslass and Roserade GL.  The ride to Peralta was lulzy, being pretty long and cramped. 
   “Hey, 6D, what the fuck is Peralta?”
   Well, it’s this sick town a bit south of Albuquerque (“Hey, 6D, what the fuck is Albuquerque?”), and it consists of essentially some farms, a shitty dollar store, and Raven’s Hollow Games.  We registered early and had plenny of time to derp around testing and trading.  The tourney was three rounds, cutting the top two.

Round One: vs. ReshiBoar
   This was a sick game.  I knew he was playing ReshiBoar because he was playing the same thing yesterday and I saw his cards as he was shuffling.  I was pretty worried, because I have a bad match-up against basically any Fire deck, due to Jumpluff’s weakness and the effect of Dragon Steam.  I played pretty bad, kinda fuckin’ around early game to mess with his set-up.  That ended up as a bad move, because he got set-up nonetheless.  We traded a couple prizes until it was 3-2, his lead.
   At this point, we ran out of time and were forced into Plus Three.  He had nothing to do and passed, so it would go me, him, me.  He had some damaged Reshirams out (one belted), an Emboar, and a Nintales.  Now, I played really, really, well.  I used Froslass to drag up the belted Reshiram on his bench that had no energy, and then retreated out to Roserade.  I timed my Poison Binds so that he died after his turn and I could take the last prize and win 2-0.
   He turned out to be a cool kid, and we talked a bit after the match.  I wish I could remember his name…

Round Two: vs. BlazeGar
   Now I was playing Pill.  He was running this pretty slick Blaziken FB/Gengar SF build that Anson had built him, and he used it to beat Anson in Round One.  Our match was kinda uneventful, we were tied at three prizes after he hit a Fainting Spell on a belted Jumpluff.  After that, though, he couldn’t get much out, and I used a good Poison Bind to avoid a second Fainting Spell.  I lock up a Crobat with Roserade for the last prize and win, 2-0.

Round Three: vs. LuxChomp
   Yay, now I get to play Noah.  Playing two friends in a row, it’s just the best.  Now, I rarely play against LuxChomp, usually I’m not doing well enough in the tournament to play the higher-tiered decks, and I hate playing SP so I don’t usually test against it.
   If I win this, I get Top Cut.  If not, Top Cut will be Noah and Anson.  I got a terrible lone Hoppip start, but I go first and set-up pretty well (despite a five card Set-Up being Sprayed) to avoid the donk.  He sets up too, and we trade a couple prizes.  However, I slowed him with Mesprit’s Psychic Bind, and I used that to avoid some Bright Looks and Healing Breathes that would have been crucial.  I don’t remember much of the game, we both made pretty standard plays.  We did well, but I got the 2-0 win.

Top Cut: Game One
   Nice, 3-0.  This leaves me as the only undefeated dude in the tourney, so I obviously make Top.  So, now me and Noah play in Top.  It was kinda lame that we had to play three games in a row, but whatever.  It was pretty similar to the Swiss game, neither of us had particularly great starts, but we nonetheless got a decent set up going by T2.  I did, however, get  rolling better than he did in the early game, due to some good Mesprit use (and him not getting any Power Sprays).  We traded a few prizes, but I was able to make a good late game play to bring up Crobat G and Poison Bind it for the last prize.

Top Cut: Game Two
   Unfortunately, this game wasn’t too much fun.  We were both kind of bored by this point, and the game wasn’t particularly close.  I don’t even remember that much of it, just “Mass Attack for KO.”  I believe I pulled out the game 3-0 as I gazed in anticipation at the Victory Medal.

So, yeah, I had a good day.  Not great, but who the hell cares when you win?

-Weird, last-minute SP techs
-Getting Samurotts (gots to prepare for next format, ya dig?)
-Cool decks
-Eric Roybal
-Eric Roybal
-Eric Roybal

-Lame fucking games in Top
-Playing Noah three times in a row
-Anson and Pill doing less than glorious
-Leaving my binder at the tourney

   Oh yeah, I'm in Hawaii now.  So if updates come slower, that's why.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

How Will Smith got Even Better

   Around yesterday, Will Smith was chosen.  He woke up one day in his Miami Beach/Los Angeles/Stockholm mansion to a familiar face: that of Morgan Freeman.  It took but a second for him to realize it was not Freeman himself, but God in Freeman's guise.
   "What up, God?" asked Will casually.  "Why you lookin' like Morgan Freeman, just 'cuz I'm black?"  He laughed.
   Morgan Freeman's always-soothing voice sounded, "Actually, Will, that's why I'm here. It has been decided that you no longer are."
   Will looked at Freeman, who was still smiling.  "What... what do you mean, God?" he stammered.  "What... I just... what? I've been black my whole life... how can something like that just change?"
   Freeman chuckled and patted Will on the shoulder, reassuring him.  "Don't misunderstand, Will. This is a good thing! No longer are you bound by the limits of race. Though it may take humans awhile to understand, you have transcended blackness. It was decided."
   "By who?"
   "The Council."  God snapped his fingers and three more figures materialized in Will's bedroom: Shaquille O'Neal, Pokemon player Joshua Henry, and Malcom the Burger King employee.  They took turns speaking.
   "Hey, Will, I know you must be busy," started Shaq, "but maybe if you're free one day you can come down to Peralta and we can play a game of one-on-one. Not that I expect to win or anything."
   Joshua was next.  "And hey, while you're there, you may as well trot over to Albuquerque so we can playtest. I dunno if you heard, but the next format is HGSS-on. The Chandelure from Red Collection is the nect BDIF."
   Malcom coughed before his turn.  "Hey Will," he began, "I'm sorry we got rid of the Buck Double, I know you liked it. We're bringing it back just for you, and here's a coupon that will let yu get them free. All day, Erryday."
   "Thanks for the offers," said Will, "but I'm already working on my next film. And also album."  He continued, "Actually, my kids'll be up soon and I gotta start the strenuous workout that I do everyday."
   But as the foursome of great black men started to leave, Will stopped them.  "Am... I the only one?" he asked God.
   God smiled and Freeman's wonderful voice boomed, "Oh, no. Bill Cosby, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Stevie Wonder, the list goes on. We're considering Li'l Wayne for next year, but we don't want him to stop using 'nigga' in his songs."

Friday, May 27, 2011

It Ain't No Thing

   Song of the Day: Demon Days (Gorillaz)
   Just a boring ol' update.  School is out. We technically have it today, but I finished all my finals on Wednesday so I was like, "Fuck it."  Even if I wanted to, I probably couldn't have.  I sprained my wrist on Wednesday, and it hurt.  It's not bad anymore, but I still couldn't go out and play basketball.
   Wanna hear how it happened?  Well, we went to play ball like usual on Wednesday, but there were some other kids there.  They seemed a bit younger, but they were a full team.  They were running through plays with their coach.  After awhile, the coach asked us if we wanted to play a quick 5-on-5 game.  We agreed.  They smashed us.  Like, bad.  None of us could score, and we don't know at all how to play defense, having never really been on a team.
   But I hurt my wrist getting a block.  My final stats for the game: two rebounds, two turnovers, and a block.  But it was a beautiful block.  It went straight to Miguel and ended up as a couple of points.  But yeah.
   You, know, I never really gave credit to people who hurt their non-dominant hand.  When my friends broke their arms in the past, I'd be like, "Well, at least you didn't hurt the one you write with!"  But I've found it shockingly hard the past couple of days to do things one-handed.  Like opening bottles.  I have to hold it awkwardly in my elbow while I open it.
   In other news, good ol' Blizzard has sent me a free trial of Cataclysm.  I'm sitting at 79 right now, and I'm not sure if I wanna do some more Lich King content or jump right into Cata.  I'm thinking the latter.  I'd like to start doing the end-game content that other people are doing.

Monday, May 16, 2011

6D Goes to the NMSA Performance

A.K.A: I had a really good idea for a blog post but then I waited too long to write it and now I feel like it's irrelevant.
Song of the day: Teach Me how to Dougie (Cali Swag District)
   Updating blogs is hard.  So, school gets out in nine days.  You'd think the year would be winding down, but I've had more work this week than I have all year.  My school is a terrible public school, and the whole year I've kinda been like, "Am I ever going to have to do any work at all here?"  I guess so. Three projects are due this week, and I have a few finals,
   I've been trying to work more on music. I keep telling Miguel I'm the next Dr. Dre, because I'm making beats. The truth is that I have one failed beat from when me and Noah wrote a rap about Diglett.  I've also been trying to write lyrics. I'm SOOOOOOOOOO bad at it. Every day in Spanish, I try to write a new song.  And I kinda get in a groove, and start liking it.  Then a few days later I readit back and think, "What the fuck?"
   I'm hoping to eventually get this blog more centered, ya dig?  Like, one of my favorite blogs is On da Radar.  It's all about reviews.  El Radar reviews movies, mostly.  I would love to get this blog more focused on one subject, because I feel like that will get me more views.  With ads running (I should put those up, too), more views is usually more money.  I'm saving said money for Photoshop CS5.  Possible topics include art, Pokemon, WoW (WoW blogs actually have a pretty big fanbase, for filling such an odd niche) and... oh, wait. Those are the only things I know.  Good.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Song of the Day: Charlie Sheen (Dumbfoundead, Traphik, and Jin)
   I'm home from school today. Yestersay when we were playing basketball in P.E., this kid fouled me really bad. He just kinda rammed into my arm, and it caused some pain. Today, just putting on my shirt was hell because I had to move my arm.
   So, I've been playing WoW. I've hit 78, which means it's probably time for me to leave Sholazar Basin. Which sucks, because I really like that zone. Way better than that frozen piece of shit, Dragonblight. Seriously, I have no idea why I went there instead of Grizzly Hills.
   But I figure I'll stick around until I get a group for A Hero's Burden. I want the helm, dammit! I'm also so close to Revered with the Kalu'ak. Which is cool, because I can get this. IDK. I like blue gear.

Friday, April 22, 2011

dese bitches cannot be real

Song of the day: Limousine (Wax)
   Ok, so. Here I am to talk about Impossible Creatures. Now, this was a 2002 Microsoft RTS game. It received great praise from critics, but sold very poorly. It revolved around the creative idea of combining animals to make an army of genetic monsters. It was always overshadowed by fellow Microsoft RTS Age of Mythology.
   This game is fantastic. I reinstalled it the other day, and have barely stopped playing. for being nine years old, the graphics and sound are great. The campaign is terrible, but the simple Player vs. Computer mode offers enough game by itself. It's a shame Microsoft no longer supports the online servers, as I never got the chance to play online as a kid.
   I was never very good, and I'm still not, but hey. This game is still fucking god-awesome. Can't get enough. My favorite unit is a Chimp/Elephant. Late-game artillery is totally beast, and I'm a sucker for the Pack Hunter/Herding combo. It has bad eyesight, but bitch, who needs good eyesight when you're a rock-throwing elephant?
   Who else wants a sequel?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i rote a pome 2

hey gais to make up 4 my bad bloging bcuz noah told me my blog is gay so i rote a pome its a twilight fan fic too and also its supost 2 be a metafor 4 a gilr whoz parents dyed

there was a girl and she wuz rly rly prety but blind andso she got a ai tranzplant and wen she saw her boyfrend it turnd out he didnot have eyss so she brok up w/ him and he sed im sory i gave up my ays 4 u and also he wuz runing acros a chekred flor and thre wus a lone raven cirkling overhed teh grll said hes alon like me ok i hope u likd the pome it wuz rly rly hard 2 rite!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wassup, fools?

Song of the day: Limousine (Wax)
   Whatchu know about new site banners, son? Yeah, I was saving that picture, but I decided this was a worthy cause. Ok, so, today, I met with a school counselor at the school I'm going to next year. Right now I'm going to Santa Fe High (did I already mention this?), and I'm having fun, but it's not a very good school. The Masters Program, where I went today, gives college credit for regular classes. Yes please.
   The woman was crazy though. I mean, just crazy. Just crazy.
   Oh, right, yesterday. The zoo. Not a whole lot of interesting animals at our zoo, but oh man. The gorillas. They're such gangsters. One, he was just like, sitting there, lookin' "g." Once in awhile, he brushed off his shoulders, you know, "Hey, gotta stay fresh, wassup?"
   This other one was sin the shade the whole time, and he had his hands like he was lighting up a cig. THen these other two, were just, you know, chillin' by the water when this other one walked up. He was a total pimp, so he was just like, "Bitches, clear the FUCK out."
   What a quality blog post.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thumbs up if you agree

Song of the day: Through the Fire and Flames (Dragonforce)
   The song of the day is just whatever song I happen to be listening to when I write up a post.   
   So, I usually wear this sweatshirt. It's plain blue with some lighter blue stripes. It might actually be one of the old hoodies from when Shaun White first got really popular and had a line at Target. I got it as a present a long time ago and had never worn it 'til this year. It's still big for me.
   Throughout middle school, I wore this simple wool zip up sweatshirt, and it was "meh." This year, I was wearing it again, but I kept getting shit about all the dog hair on it. My family has a lot of dogs and cats. So I started wearing that blue one. It's pretty plain, so I figured, meh, I may as well wear it.
   Yesterday, I went to play basketball with Miguel and Danny again, and my sweatshirt fell on the dirt. I still wanted to wear something other than my shirt, so I put on another one.
   I got it as a present a few years ago, and had kinda just forgot about it. It looks like this, except blue. Do changes in wardrobe really matter that much? I figured no one would notice, but I got a couple of compliments on my new sweatshirt. I felt like kind of a badass, to tell the truth. I very rarely get compliments. And by "rarely," I mean never.
   But then, we were working on this thing in biology. It's kinda hard to explain, but basically, me and another kid ended up both studying the same picture, because I had the number wrong. When someone told me I had the wrong picture, I told them to screw off.
   I really, really hate being wrong. TO be honest, that's the only reason I ever get mad. If someone thinks I'm wrong, or I know I'm wrong. So it kinda put a damper on my mood.
   But whatever. MESA is going to the zoo tomorrow. I get to miss a whole day of school. TO GO TO THE ZOO. Yes, please.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Don't do that

   Hey, 6-D, don't post stupid things anymore. Like really, I'm sorry you guys (haha, I don't really have readers) even had to see that. Because I read it back over today, and god-fucking-damn, I come across as such a whiny little bitch.
   But, good news. Noah (LORDY JONES, if you don't remember) and I are working on a rap. It's about Diglett. Both our verses are really clever, as is Noah's chorus. Right now we're working on a beat. We were just gonna try to use something from the brilliant mind of Tripmaster Monk, but his beautiful, mournful tracks don't really fit our ridiculous song.
   So we're just making something on Garageband. Neither of us know how to work Garageband. Basically all we have now is a pre-made rhythm from the 'Band, with some of Diglett's cries layered onto it. We're learning, shut up.
   We wrote this rap on the way back from a MESA competition. I told you how me and Noah accidentally won our District competition. Our teacher, Mr. Trujillo, added a sophomore (a kid I'm kinda friends with named Nico) and a Senior (Steven) to our group, almost like a reward for doing so well last time.
   We had edited our wind generator (I call it Sharkbeater, but no one else likes that name...), and we did well at both the written challenge and the hands-on challenge, so we figured we were fit to at least hit the Top 10 and get some ribbons.
   As they announced more names, we thought, "Hey, maybe we did really well!" By the time they got to the Top 2, we were like, "HOLY FUCK TOP TWO OMGOMGOMG." But then they didn't call us. So we didn't even Top 10. Oops.
   But then Mr. Trujillo took us to the Texas Steakhouse, and we all forgot our sorrow.

Monday, April 4, 2011

What is happening to

   Okay, so, maybe Florida sucks, too. I forgot to mention that I'm still alive. Excited for the National Championship, though. I'm pulling for UCONN, but I don't care if Butler wins. My bracket is busted anyway. I just want a good game.
   Yesterday, I felt really depressed. I don't know why, tbh. Well, I kinda do. I had a whole blog post set out in my mind. It went like this.
I feel depressed. See, today, I went to play basketball with Miguel and another good friend of mine, Danny, at the local Community Center. We invited another buddy, Ambrose, but he couldn't come for whatever reason. We were gonna play two-on-two, but with only three, we played 21.
   I was embarrassed. Miguel won the first game, with 21. Danny had 19, I had... eight. I was disgusted. And angry. It wasn't even a good day, or a fun game. Danny and Miguel were poking fun at me, which normally I don't mind, because I'm normally not that bad. But I was pissed.
   Second game. I fared better, with 14. But Miguel got 20, and Danny won with 21. When I got home, I didn't know what to do. I was just angry.
   Miguel has a new girlfriend, but I didn't know that, and said she wasn't that hot. He got mad at me, and said that I can say that when I at least talk to a hot girl. Maybe it's the epiphany that my half-joking "I can never get a girlfriend" jokes are quickly becoming a reality.
   And I know it's not a big deal, but I've been feeling kinda bad before today, too. I dunno. I've been working on the Torture Meme. And I kinda just realized how pathetic I am.
   So I decided, hey, maybe  I can finally write a good rap. "Music and Liquor," that's a good rap, right? And it's essentially about depression, right? But I couldn't even do that. Turns out, meaningful lyrics require more than teenage melodrama.
   I've decided I need a life change. I'm gonna start hardcore training for basketball.
  Or just give it up completely. 
 But today, I feel better. We played basketball again, but this time Ambrose could come. It was fun, two-on-two, but I always kinda feel nervous playing with other people, because if I mess up, I'm a liability to my team. I'm way better just playing against Miguel. But Miguel and Danny won, so we decided to have a one-on-one tournament.
   So, at least I didn't look horrible. Miguel beat me, but it was close, and I had some great plays. He just outlasted me, because I'm no athlete.
   So now, I'm chilling at home, I got a eight-pack of Dr. Pepper, life is good.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Florida, son!

   Everybody picked Pitt for their Final Four.
   I said, "Pitt sucks dick, I'm sending Florida."
   Now, Pitt lost. Go figure. I knew they would choke. But my team, Duke, my boys are still gon' be the champions.
   I went 3-2 at CO States.  I probably won't bother with a tourney report, because none of my games were that interesting. I knew I wouldn't Top, since it was a Top 4 cut, but I didn't even get into Top 8 for a few packs, which was mighty disappointing. Especially since I got beat out of Top 8 by 1% of Opponent's Win percentage.
   Just so you know.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


   Hey guys, guess who's sick again? I was sick yesterday, too. But, it's ok. Because Wax released his mixtape. Wax is one of the best musicians ever, no joke. He raps, sings, plays guitar, does comedy, the man is fantastic. No joke, go to his website to download his new "Scrublife" mixtape, because it really is amazing.
   I played some WoW today. I played it pretty obssesively in like, December, January. But, I didn't own Wrath, and so WoW went on kind of a hiatus since I couldn't level and don't Raid. I mean, I leveled an alt a little, and ran a Heroic once in a while, but meh.
   But, this past weekend, I finally got over to Gamestop to buy WoTLK. So now, my main (Esoj on Moonrunner, wassup?!) is at... 72? 73? IDK. But I've been questing the shit out of Dragonblight, so chea.
   Colorado States, like I said, is coming up this weekend. My deck's running pretty well. I feel like it could still be better, but tbh I don't know what to change.
   In summary: Go get Wax's mixtape. Your life will be changed.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


   So, States went bad. I went 2-3. But it's alright, know why? Because I'm heading up to Colorado next weekend with the homies LJ and Vulpix Yolk (ANSON). We gon' rape face at their States, cuz neither me or LJ did as good as we thought we would. LJ went 3-2 though, so he came in 6th and landed some packs. LOL, Call of Legends, LOL.
   So chea, I'mma write a tourney report for kicks. But Colorado, I'm gonna fuck shit up over there. Like, no joke, I'mma fuckin' win, man. I figured out some revisions to my deck, and now it's running even smoother and more consistently. Plus, it's decked out in these sweet-ass, blue, Ultra-Pros. Bastards gon' get their shit fucked, yo.
Round 1: vs. Michael A.
   I guess he was running Electric. IDK, we've seen him at tournies, he's at a lot, but he's not very good. And he hasn't improved much, either. I think he was a Junior last year, and my guess is that the transition did not treat him well. But he's a nice kid and stuff, so whatever.
   He started with an Electrike, iirc. I just got out a Donphan and raped him. It was a four-turn game, and I felt a little bad. He really got nothing, and I just ran him over. GG, though.
Round 2: vs. Curtis S.
   This was one of the weirdest matches I've ever played. At first, I kinda didn't like the kid, because he wasn't saying much when I greeted him and introduced myself. But after a bit, he warmed up. "Is this your first States?" he asked. I told him I had come last year, and asked if it was his.
   "No, it's my ninth."
   He had a Worlds playmat, too. So, during the set up phase, he asked if I could spread out my prizes more. I obliged, because it's no big deal. Turns out he's pretty picky about Pokemon.
   He was playing with Garchomp C, so I assumed I'd see a Luxray. Never did. He locked me up and actually did a lot of damage to Donphan and Kingdra with a Belted Roserade GL. Once, I forgot to discard my Supporter. Now, me, just being me, I am never picky about little things like that. He pointed it out and told me that he would be forced to call the judges if it happened again. It did, because I wasn't really in the zone, but I got in no trouble, the judges just told me not to do it again.  He also got mad because I was Earthquaking, and didn't have damage counters. I ususally have some, but I had forgotten them at home. But it wasn't like he had damage counters either.
   But, I was doing ok early game, but let-game he pulled out all these goddamn Poketurns. His Garchomp refused to die, with a combination of Healing Breath and Turn.  SO, in the end, he pulled out a Celebi Prime to attach enough Energy and Dragon Rush for the game. GG anyway, even though he kinda bugged me.
ROund 3: vs. buh
   I feel really bad that I don't remember the kids name, because we've met like eight times. He was playing MewPerior, and was actually 2-0. I don't remember much, because this was a crazy fast game. We both got set-up T1, and were just trading prizes. It should have been not as close, but I made a FUCKING RETARDED play, and Belted a Donphan in the hopes of living a Hard Crush. But I didn't (he got five energy), and it was really close.
   I still won though, just constantly knocking out his endless stream of Mew Primes.
Round 4: vs. Josh M.
   We have like a rivalry with this damn Texan. He comes to all of our damn tournies and rapes us every fucking time. But today, I thought I could beat him. He's running BLG, and I have an pretty good matchup. But I couldn't get out a damn Donphan to save my life, and he got some quick, early-game knockouts that definitely mattered.
   I was forced to just spam Kingdra all fucking game, and he was just like, "lolluxray." So, I went down. He's cool guy though, for the most part, so it was a fun game.
Round 5: vs. Victoria N.
   I knew I couldn't Top at this point, because there was only a Top 4 cut. But, I thought I might at least get some packs, since if I won the next match, I would be 3-2. I figured I had played pretty good people, so I had a solid chance.
   So anyway, she was a chick, which was just like, "lolololol?" I could tell she was playing VileGar, but I was ready. I had all my techs, and I was prepared to dump Trainers like there was no tomorrow. I had a pretty quick set-up, too. Once she evolved to Gloom, I locked that bitch up with Froslass GL, the most pimpin' goddamn anti-metagame tech in the whole fucking game.
   But she was doin' all these Retreating jazz, but I figured I could still kill the Vileplume and get at least one turn to set-up. and I could do a good job of it, too, because I had THREE GODDAMN POKE DRAWERS IN MY HAND. But then, she made a very good play and attached a Rescue.
   From then, it was all downhill. I was spamming hand-refreshers, but I always ended up with at least three Trainers in my hand. I could get nothing else set-up, and he swept me.

   So, yeah, 2-3 blows, but hey. I got some dice right after Round 2, just to spite that kid. I got some cool trades I guess, so it could be worse. And, I'm fucking prepared as hell for CO States next week. BITCHES GON' GET WRECKED.

Friday, March 11, 2011


   Chea, because New Mexico State Championships is tomorrow! My good buddy LORDY JONES, or Noah, has already called winning it, but I get Colorado net weekend. Noobs gon' get raped, son!
   I'm running motha' fuckin' Crown Digger. Ya'll kids can found out what the FUCK that is as soon as States is over, 'cause I don't want those damn El Paso kids to know what I'm using. No one reads this blog anyway, though. But know what I say to that? I say, "FUCK YOU," because I'm having a lot of fun writing this.
  And I don't even have to make any goddamn sense. I'm the fucking man! But chea, we gon' do all good tomorrow, it's gonna be fucking fun. Just gotta write up my decklist, and I'll be all set to, as LORDY would say, WRECK FACE.
   And, I'll look good while doing it, thanks to my new, gangsta'-ass hair cut, and my godly body that chicks beg to touch. YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH, BIIIIIIIITTTTTTTCHHHHHHHHHHHH

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fly Like a G6

   I got a new haircut.
   Lookin' pretty "g."

Monday, March 7, 2011

MOAR BASKETBALL. And art, also.

   Does anyone still play "Wii Sports Resort" besides me? Well, yesterday, I was just super bored. I'm fighting Geichizu on my Black, but my DS is low on batteries and I don't have a charger. So, I decided to pull out my Wii. I don't use my Wii much, because I have a lot of animals, so it's a hassle to pack it up, and take it out every single time I use it. But I was bored.
   I started to play Basketball. I usually only play Swordplay, but I wanted to see if I'd gotten any better at Wii Basketball since I've certainy gotten better at it irl. I did a three-point contest, just for kicks, and I was suprised. My old record was six, but first attempt I smashed it. 22. Motha' fucka', wassup?
   But then I couldn't stop. I was up 'til midnight just alternating between pick-up games and the three-point contest, with only short breaks to play Ping-Pong (we Asians are supposedly very good at that). But I never broke my record of 22. In fact, by the end of it, I was only getting to like, 16.

   Also, this is an art blog now.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Path of Winning

   "My path is now clear. Defeat is not an option." -Charlie Sheen
   Today, I was heading up to Albuquerque to go watch a basketball game. Lobos, w00t w00t! So, it's about an hour drive so I brought my DS. Pokemon Black and White are coming out soon in America, so I decided to try and finish my Japanese Black. I beat the last Gym Leader today, after having been stuck for about a month after the seventh Gym. My DS had been dead, so I didn't bother looking up help or anything.
   So, after beating that old dude, I was on that cool path where you have to have all the badges to proceed. They made it really cool in B/W, they have these neat cutscenes after each door and errything. So, I was merry on my way, coming to that big cave. I was thinking, "Huh, they made the Pokemon League kinda weird." When I entered, I found myself in an actual cave, like a dungeon.
   I don't know how I forgot. Victory Road. The huge, winding, final dungeon in the game. Combining the horrible puzzles from before, including ice problems and Strength mazes. Plus, it's filled with the hard-AI Trainers with access to items. And I also noticed that there's no Pokemon Center right outside the entrance, like there has been in past games.
  In closing, all I have to say is: Victory Road. You don't fuck around with it.