Friday, August 12, 2011

I Live for LoL

   It's all I've been doing for like three days. Unfortunately, at my mom's house the computer is pretty slow, and I lag a lot. But whatever. If there is one flaw with the game, it's the people who play it. Seriously, how come every single League of Legends player who isn't a noob is a total douche?
   Just now, I was playing on Summoner's Rift, I spent all early game grinding in the bottom lane with a guy playing Wukong (who was even more of a noob than me). By midgame, the Wukong guy had quit, but I had a ton of levels and gold on everyone, so I just kept pushing the bottom lane. I was at the Inhibitor tower and retreating, and I got ganked by the three strongest of the other team's players.
   Suddenly, this dude playing Kassadin goes, "dude what the fuck are you doing pushing by yourself?"
   I said, "I didn't see the other team, I thought you guys were dealing with them, so I thought I could push by myself." That's reasonable, because I'm playing a DPS Nasus, and obviously I can clear the lane easily. But the dude keeps being a douche, so I decide to group in mid and push with the rest of the team (minus Wukong). We all died.
   So the dude goes, "wtf r u gys doing we were winning?"
   And I'm kinda thinking, "Oh, you mean when I was pushing bot successfully and about to start spawning super minions?"
   We ended up winning. Now, I'm not great at LoL. Of course, I'm just a noob myself. Still, I ended up going like 3/13/7, with almost 200 minion kills and four tower destroys. But I never understood why someone can't be good at a video game and still be a good person. You damn straight I reported that bitch for flaming, and the Wukong guy for leaving.
   I mean, I guess I would feel the same way if I were a really good player, but I mean, why didn't he just tell me what to do instead of being a dick? And it's not like we're playing ranked matches or anything. The only reason I didn't flame his ass back is to avoid being reported.

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