Thursday, August 18, 2011

School is for Kids with a Future

   I can tell because I am in school and do not like it. Honestly, switching may have been the wrong idea, but I'm pretty sure that I'm just forgetting how truly awful Santa Fe High was. I look at my classmates, and I'm like, "That kid's an idiot," but then I remember that I knew someone just like him at Santa Fe High.
   I think the good thing is that even though my new school does have morons and douches and thugs, it's different from Santa Fe High in that they aren't worshipped like gods here. Here, they're just stupid kids. Not the ones that really own the school.
   Did I ever mention Gabe?
   Funny story behind Gabe, but one for another time. The overarching idea is that the kid is an annoying shit head, but for whatever reason I've been in school with him for the last three years, and this is the fourth. But Noah came up with a plan. We're all just going to call him Josh. Not like in an annoying way, just in a, "Isn't your name Josh?" kinda way.
   That is, if we ever talk to him at all. Right now he's a loner, and honestly I'd prefer to keep it that way, unless we can shove my friend Sam off on him. Sam... well, I was told by Danny to not let him become a reject, but I'm hpoing I can do that, well, without being around him much.
   Really, him and Gabe would make a great duo, the "funny" (read: not funny) fat one, and the "smart" (read: not smart) little one.
   But I guess I'm liking it overall. We have to do a set amount of community service every year, so I'm kinda like "fuck that," and the organization could be better (that said, it's better than Santa Fe High's), but I think that in the end, making the switch was the right idea.
   Ugh, basketball. I haven't gotten to play in like five days, and I'm desperate just to hold a basketball at this point. I'm still considering trying out for the team, but honestly it might be better for me to take another year to improve, actually try. But on the other hand, if I punk out this year I probably will next year, too. But whatever.
   Just a update on my life.
   Oh yeah. Today I talked to Leyla over Facebook. I don't think I've ever talked about Leyla on this blog, but she went to elementary school with me, and last year we got to be pretty good friends. I've kinda missed her, because she was the only girl I've like ever talked to on a regular basis. Our conversation went something like this:
   "Hey Leyla, have you started school yet?"
   "Are you taking an engineering class?"
   "But everything's going well?"
   No, really, guys. Girls like me.

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