Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fuck LoL

   Another day with no song because I thought it might be interesting to go back and see what songs I had stuck in my head but it turns out it was a really dumb idea that I don't care about. So I guess no more Song of the Day.
   So, I have like 100 GB of free space on this computer, so I was like, "Hey, I'm gonna install League of Legends." I've seen some of the art work on YouTube and I really like it, and I watched a video by TheAcousticKind and I thought the gameplay looked fun. The way I figured it, I had nothing to lose.
   Except time. I've been waiting like five hours for this goddamn gae to install and update patches. The worst part is that the time remaining keeps going up while I'm not looking, so I'm like, "Oh, well I can afford to stay up another 15 minutes for the install to finish." But then a half hour later it says "15 minutes remaining." But whatever. I've been looking for something to do to fill up my time in these last few weeks before school starts, and I figure getting into a new game will do just fine.
   Seriously, what the shit is wrong with these programmers that they couldn't put the patches into the installation? I mean, really, what the fuck? Huh.
   I need to do some art. But lately I've been very uninspired (another thing I think LoL will kinda help with, since the art direction is so great), so meh. I'm not one of those guys who can just sit and draw.
   For the upcoming year, I plan on doing a character list. Like for my life. So that that way, I don't need to explain every person I ever talk about in my stories. I dunno. I think it could be interesting at the least. Ugh. I dunno. In Hawaiian pidgin, there's a phrase, "futless." It's a feeling between bored and frustrated and "meh." That's kinda just how I've been the past few days. Mostly bored though.
   I've stepped up my basketball routine, in the hopes that in the next few weeks my skills will improve exponentially and I can make the team. Maybe that's why I've been futless. 'Cause I've been working all summer at playing basketball, and honestly I'm not that much better than I was at the end of the school year. Meh.
   I'm only writing this because I'm bored. Waiting for League of Legends to patch. Only 53:56 and 489 MB remaining...

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