Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Path of Winning

   "My path is now clear. Defeat is not an option." -Charlie Sheen
   Today, I was heading up to Albuquerque to go watch a basketball game. Lobos, w00t w00t! So, it's about an hour drive so I brought my DS. Pokemon Black and White are coming out soon in America, so I decided to try and finish my Japanese Black. I beat the last Gym Leader today, after having been stuck for about a month after the seventh Gym. My DS had been dead, so I didn't bother looking up help or anything.
   So, after beating that old dude, I was on that cool path where you have to have all the badges to proceed. They made it really cool in B/W, they have these neat cutscenes after each door and errything. So, I was merry on my way, coming to that big cave. I was thinking, "Huh, they made the Pokemon League kinda weird." When I entered, I found myself in an actual cave, like a dungeon.
   I don't know how I forgot. Victory Road. The huge, winding, final dungeon in the game. Combining the horrible puzzles from before, including ice problems and Strength mazes. Plus, it's filled with the hard-AI Trainers with access to items. And I also noticed that there's no Pokemon Center right outside the entrance, like there has been in past games.
  In closing, all I have to say is: Victory Road. You don't fuck around with it.

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