Wednesday, March 16, 2011


   Hey guys, guess who's sick again? I was sick yesterday, too. But, it's ok. Because Wax released his mixtape. Wax is one of the best musicians ever, no joke. He raps, sings, plays guitar, does comedy, the man is fantastic. No joke, go to his website to download his new "Scrublife" mixtape, because it really is amazing.
   I played some WoW today. I played it pretty obssesively in like, December, January. But, I didn't own Wrath, and so WoW went on kind of a hiatus since I couldn't level and don't Raid. I mean, I leveled an alt a little, and ran a Heroic once in a while, but meh.
   But, this past weekend, I finally got over to Gamestop to buy WoTLK. So now, my main (Esoj on Moonrunner, wassup?!) is at... 72? 73? IDK. But I've been questing the shit out of Dragonblight, so chea.
   Colorado States, like I said, is coming up this weekend. My deck's running pretty well. I feel like it could still be better, but tbh I don't know what to change.
   In summary: Go get Wax's mixtape. Your life will be changed.

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