Thursday, March 3, 2011

What an powerful day

   So, like I said, I was not at school the past few days. So today, I came back into a brand new schedule. I always used to eat lunch to early, at 11:00. With the new schedule, I eat at 10:15. YUR DOIN' IT PUBLIC SCHOOLS. So yeah. On Saturday, me and my good friend Noah went to a competition. We are part of MESA. That is, Math Engineering Science Achievement. It's essentially Geek/Loser/Nerd Club.
   But anyway, this competition, Noah and I some how won. Within our school we were split into groups, and a group made of two freshman with bad focus seems like a forumla for not-success. But somehow, we did it, advancing Santa Fe High to the State Competiton. Chea.
   So today, we had a pep rally at school. They congratulated the sports teams, blah, blah, blah. Then they congratulated us.  We (the whole club, thank god, not just me and Noah) got to walk to the center of the gym, holding our pimpin', gangsta'-ass trophy, amid cheers from our classmates. It was actually going OK, cuz no one knows what the fuck MESA is. So, we just looked like badasses with our trophy and ribbons, and when Mr. Trujillo pointed out that we had won Distrcit two years in a row, the crowd just went fuckin' wild, I tell ya. Girls were just begging for us to even look at them, I swear.
  But then, Mr. Trujillo felt the need to explain that "MESA" stands for Math, Engineering, Science Achievement. *Sigh...* Well, nothing's perfect.  But luckily, our nerdiness was detracted from by a teacher's only dance-off.
  Plus, all my friends that I ride the bus home with were at soccer, so I only got shit from one. And even he pointed out that we seemed badass until the crowd learned MESA's meaning. And after that, he got distracted by a girl so we dropped the subject. It could've been worse. A lot worse.

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