Sunday, March 13, 2011


   So, States went bad. I went 2-3. But it's alright, know why? Because I'm heading up to Colorado next weekend with the homies LJ and Vulpix Yolk (ANSON). We gon' rape face at their States, cuz neither me or LJ did as good as we thought we would. LJ went 3-2 though, so he came in 6th and landed some packs. LOL, Call of Legends, LOL.
   So chea, I'mma write a tourney report for kicks. But Colorado, I'm gonna fuck shit up over there. Like, no joke, I'mma fuckin' win, man. I figured out some revisions to my deck, and now it's running even smoother and more consistently. Plus, it's decked out in these sweet-ass, blue, Ultra-Pros. Bastards gon' get their shit fucked, yo.
Round 1: vs. Michael A.
   I guess he was running Electric. IDK, we've seen him at tournies, he's at a lot, but he's not very good. And he hasn't improved much, either. I think he was a Junior last year, and my guess is that the transition did not treat him well. But he's a nice kid and stuff, so whatever.
   He started with an Electrike, iirc. I just got out a Donphan and raped him. It was a four-turn game, and I felt a little bad. He really got nothing, and I just ran him over. GG, though.
Round 2: vs. Curtis S.
   This was one of the weirdest matches I've ever played. At first, I kinda didn't like the kid, because he wasn't saying much when I greeted him and introduced myself. But after a bit, he warmed up. "Is this your first States?" he asked. I told him I had come last year, and asked if it was his.
   "No, it's my ninth."
   He had a Worlds playmat, too. So, during the set up phase, he asked if I could spread out my prizes more. I obliged, because it's no big deal. Turns out he's pretty picky about Pokemon.
   He was playing with Garchomp C, so I assumed I'd see a Luxray. Never did. He locked me up and actually did a lot of damage to Donphan and Kingdra with a Belted Roserade GL. Once, I forgot to discard my Supporter. Now, me, just being me, I am never picky about little things like that. He pointed it out and told me that he would be forced to call the judges if it happened again. It did, because I wasn't really in the zone, but I got in no trouble, the judges just told me not to do it again.  He also got mad because I was Earthquaking, and didn't have damage counters. I ususally have some, but I had forgotten them at home. But it wasn't like he had damage counters either.
   But, I was doing ok early game, but let-game he pulled out all these goddamn Poketurns. His Garchomp refused to die, with a combination of Healing Breath and Turn.  SO, in the end, he pulled out a Celebi Prime to attach enough Energy and Dragon Rush for the game. GG anyway, even though he kinda bugged me.
ROund 3: vs. buh
   I feel really bad that I don't remember the kids name, because we've met like eight times. He was playing MewPerior, and was actually 2-0. I don't remember much, because this was a crazy fast game. We both got set-up T1, and were just trading prizes. It should have been not as close, but I made a FUCKING RETARDED play, and Belted a Donphan in the hopes of living a Hard Crush. But I didn't (he got five energy), and it was really close.
   I still won though, just constantly knocking out his endless stream of Mew Primes.
Round 4: vs. Josh M.
   We have like a rivalry with this damn Texan. He comes to all of our damn tournies and rapes us every fucking time. But today, I thought I could beat him. He's running BLG, and I have an pretty good matchup. But I couldn't get out a damn Donphan to save my life, and he got some quick, early-game knockouts that definitely mattered.
   I was forced to just spam Kingdra all fucking game, and he was just like, "lolluxray." So, I went down. He's cool guy though, for the most part, so it was a fun game.
Round 5: vs. Victoria N.
   I knew I couldn't Top at this point, because there was only a Top 4 cut. But, I thought I might at least get some packs, since if I won the next match, I would be 3-2. I figured I had played pretty good people, so I had a solid chance.
   So anyway, she was a chick, which was just like, "lolololol?" I could tell she was playing VileGar, but I was ready. I had all my techs, and I was prepared to dump Trainers like there was no tomorrow. I had a pretty quick set-up, too. Once she evolved to Gloom, I locked that bitch up with Froslass GL, the most pimpin' goddamn anti-metagame tech in the whole fucking game.
   But she was doin' all these Retreating jazz, but I figured I could still kill the Vileplume and get at least one turn to set-up. and I could do a good job of it, too, because I had THREE GODDAMN POKE DRAWERS IN MY HAND. But then, she made a very good play and attached a Rescue.
   From then, it was all downhill. I was spamming hand-refreshers, but I always ended up with at least three Trainers in my hand. I could get nothing else set-up, and he swept me.

   So, yeah, 2-3 blows, but hey. I got some dice right after Round 2, just to spite that kid. I got some cool trades I guess, so it could be worse. And, I'm fucking prepared as hell for CO States next week. BITCHES GON' GET WRECKED.

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