Friday, March 4, 2011

Getting Better at the B-ball

   So, I like basketball a whle bunch. I'm just not very good at it. Me and my buddy Miguel play basketball every P.E. class, and I've only beat him once. I think after today, it's... 20-1, his favor. I was doing good today, winning the hole game, like by eight (we play by twos, to 40). But, my main problem is I'm no athlete. Miguel plays sports for the school, so he can just outlast me all day. I'm a ok shot, and I can drive past him a lot, but once I get tired, he's got me.
  While we were playing, we took a break, because I started bleeding. My knuckles have been kinda dry and cracked lately, so I guess playing basketball just cut opened up the cuts. There was a lot of blood, though.
  So, once we finished our game, we were just shooting around, trying three-pointers. I can't shoot distance for crap, and I was airballing those mother-fuckers all over the goddamn place. But, there's this cool junior who plays with us sometimes, named Ramiro.
  He saw that I was sucking, so he decided to help me out. He was talking about some gypsy magic, like getting into a rythm, I believe he said. So that's what I did, and I started getting it. Most of my shots still just hit the rim, but I sunk a few of those bastards.
  That's all that really happened. Today was the day before spring break starts, so I guess I'm pretty excited. Plus, States is this weekend. I play the Pokemon card game competitively. So that's cool. Now I just need a ride.

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