Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why I have Time for This

   I've been meaning to set up a blog for approximately 9,001 years. Today, I'm home from school, so I figured, "why not?"
   But there's a interesting story behind that. Yesterday I stayed home because I was sick, my throat hurt and errything. Today, I was feeling fine. I like to play basketball, so I have a basketball in my house that I just dribble when I'm bored. It was a few minutes before I leave for the bus, and the weirdest shit happened, I swear.
   I dropped the ball, and as I was going to get it back, my eyesight cut out. All I saw was black, but I was walking. Except, now I was walking in the opposite direction of the ball. And I knew that, and I told my legs to stop but they didn't, and guess what. I slammed into a wall. The left side of my face and my collar are all red and puffy, so I guess I was walking kinda fast.
After that, I kinda flipped the fuck out. I started talking to my dad about it, and I just got really scared, and I started shaking, and crying. It kinda fucked me up, too. I was with my dad at work (he didn't want to leave me alone), and I kinda figured out the effects of what happened.
   My knuckles hurt when I squeeze things. Well, after I let go of something I was squeezing, there's this sharp, fiery pain in my knuckles. I'm walking pigeon-toed again. I used to when I was a kid, but I stopped. Since this, though, I've been doing it again. I don't remember it too good. I have the obvious red marks on my hands and neck where I actually came into contact with the wall. For a bit, my hands wouldn't respond and move like I wanted them to, but that's gone away. Now I'm back at my house, and I can't even figure out which wall I ran into.

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