Tuesday, April 12, 2011

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Song of the day: Through the Fire and Flames (Dragonforce)
   The song of the day is just whatever song I happen to be listening to when I write up a post.   
   So, I usually wear this sweatshirt. It's plain blue with some lighter blue stripes. It might actually be one of the old hoodies from when Shaun White first got really popular and had a line at Target. I got it as a present a long time ago and had never worn it 'til this year. It's still big for me.
   Throughout middle school, I wore this simple wool zip up sweatshirt, and it was "meh." This year, I was wearing it again, but I kept getting shit about all the dog hair on it. My family has a lot of dogs and cats. So I started wearing that blue one. It's pretty plain, so I figured, meh, I may as well wear it.
   Yesterday, I went to play basketball with Miguel and Danny again, and my sweatshirt fell on the dirt. I still wanted to wear something other than my shirt, so I put on another one.
   I got it as a present a few years ago, and had kinda just forgot about it. It looks like this, except blue. Do changes in wardrobe really matter that much? I figured no one would notice, but I got a couple of compliments on my new sweatshirt. I felt like kind of a badass, to tell the truth. I very rarely get compliments. And by "rarely," I mean never.
   But then, we were working on this thing in biology. It's kinda hard to explain, but basically, me and another kid ended up both studying the same picture, because I had the number wrong. When someone told me I had the wrong picture, I told them to screw off.
   I really, really hate being wrong. TO be honest, that's the only reason I ever get mad. If someone thinks I'm wrong, or I know I'm wrong. So it kinda put a damper on my mood.
   But whatever. MESA is going to the zoo tomorrow. I get to miss a whole day of school. TO GO TO THE ZOO. Yes, please.

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