Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wassup, fools?

Song of the day: Limousine (Wax)
   Whatchu know about new site banners, son? Yeah, I was saving that picture, but I decided this was a worthy cause. Ok, so, today, I met with a school counselor at the school I'm going to next year. Right now I'm going to Santa Fe High (did I already mention this?), and I'm having fun, but it's not a very good school. The Masters Program, where I went today, gives college credit for regular classes. Yes please.
   The woman was crazy though. I mean, just crazy. Just crazy.
   Oh, right, yesterday. The zoo. Not a whole lot of interesting animals at our zoo, but oh man. The gorillas. They're such gangsters. One, he was just like, sitting there, lookin' "g." Once in awhile, he brushed off his shoulders, you know, "Hey, gotta stay fresh, wassup?"
   This other one was sin the shade the whole time, and he had his hands like he was lighting up a cig. THen these other two, were just, you know, chillin' by the water when this other one walked up. He was a total pimp, so he was just like, "Bitches, clear the FUCK out."
   What a quality blog post.


  1. That lady was fuckin CRAZY.

    When I sat down she was like "So, who's your best friend?"

    And I was like "wtf"

    All lower case with no punctuation, like a boss.

  2. Oh man, was it Lorie? She started going off about her dogs, or "angels" and how one had an absess down by "her adorable little tail."
    Christ, haha.