Monday, April 4, 2011

What is happening to

   Okay, so, maybe Florida sucks, too. I forgot to mention that I'm still alive. Excited for the National Championship, though. I'm pulling for UCONN, but I don't care if Butler wins. My bracket is busted anyway. I just want a good game.
   Yesterday, I felt really depressed. I don't know why, tbh. Well, I kinda do. I had a whole blog post set out in my mind. It went like this.
I feel depressed. See, today, I went to play basketball with Miguel and another good friend of mine, Danny, at the local Community Center. We invited another buddy, Ambrose, but he couldn't come for whatever reason. We were gonna play two-on-two, but with only three, we played 21.
   I was embarrassed. Miguel won the first game, with 21. Danny had 19, I had... eight. I was disgusted. And angry. It wasn't even a good day, or a fun game. Danny and Miguel were poking fun at me, which normally I don't mind, because I'm normally not that bad. But I was pissed.
   Second game. I fared better, with 14. But Miguel got 20, and Danny won with 21. When I got home, I didn't know what to do. I was just angry.
   Miguel has a new girlfriend, but I didn't know that, and said she wasn't that hot. He got mad at me, and said that I can say that when I at least talk to a hot girl. Maybe it's the epiphany that my half-joking "I can never get a girlfriend" jokes are quickly becoming a reality.
   And I know it's not a big deal, but I've been feeling kinda bad before today, too. I dunno. I've been working on the Torture Meme. And I kinda just realized how pathetic I am.
   So I decided, hey, maybe  I can finally write a good rap. "Music and Liquor," that's a good rap, right? And it's essentially about depression, right? But I couldn't even do that. Turns out, meaningful lyrics require more than teenage melodrama.
   I've decided I need a life change. I'm gonna start hardcore training for basketball.
  Or just give it up completely. 
 But today, I feel better. We played basketball again, but this time Ambrose could come. It was fun, two-on-two, but I always kinda feel nervous playing with other people, because if I mess up, I'm a liability to my team. I'm way better just playing against Miguel. But Miguel and Danny won, so we decided to have a one-on-one tournament.
   So, at least I didn't look horrible. Miguel beat me, but it was close, and I had some great plays. He just outlasted me, because I'm no athlete.
   So now, I'm chilling at home, I got a eight-pack of Dr. Pepper, life is good.

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