Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i rote a pome 2

hey gais to make up 4 my bad bloging bcuz noah told me my blog is gay so i rote a pome its a twilight fan fic too and also its supost 2 be a metafor 4 a gilr whoz parents dyed

there was a girl and she wuz rly rly prety but blind andso she got a ai tranzplant and wen she saw her boyfrend it turnd out he didnot have eyss so she brok up w/ him and he sed im sory i gave up my ays 4 u and also he wuz runing acros a chekred flor and thre wus a lone raven cirkling overhed teh grll said hes alon like me ok i hope u likd the pome it wuz rly rly hard 2 rite!!!!

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