Sunday, October 30, 2011

Am I cool yet


   I've been playing League of Legends a lot lately. I think it really is just a fun, well-made game whose fan base is made up of elitist assholes. But still. Look at them scores. I'm not gonna show any scores from before like last week, because that was before I started using Hyfe's guide, and my scores suck.  But look at them now!  I'm awesome as Nasus, as long as my team lets me solo top.  Even so, I think that once I save up to 6300 IP I'm gonna start maining as Renekton.  The art spotlight for Renekton is was made me first hear of LoL, and I love his backstory, design, and playstyle so yeah.
   Nothing much is happening. I got mostly "A"s as of midterms, so that was cool.  The only "B" I got was in Drafting, and that's a pretty tough class. Um. Halloween is tomorrow. I'm going as Eddie Bull from Crashbox. No link because it's impossible to find an image of Eddie anywhere. But it's a cool costume. I'm gonna go trick-or-treating with Noah, and if Anson decides to stop BEING A LITTLE BITCH we'll all go together.
   Basketball tryouts are probably pretty soon, and I'm still not good. So that sucks. Huh. Writing that, I just realized I'll probably never make the team. Oh well, there's always League of Legends.

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