Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Top 6(d): Songs that I listen to mostly ironically but a little bit because I actually like them

New type of post. See, my original idea with this blog was that I wouldn't say specific things about myself, and the readers (lol) would just get an idea of who I am through context and the stories I tell.
However, being that I only post on this blog when I'm bored or being a mopey dick (see what I did there? "Mopey dick," "Moby Dick?"), I don't believe that that's happening. So, I figure that these little "Top Six" lists will be easy enough for me to post on a regular basis, and might be somewhat entertaining (unless I do "The Top 6(d): Reasons that my friends are total jerks," or "The Top 6(d): things I love about vegetarianism").

6) Break Ya Neck- Busta Rhymes
I'm a really big fan of this funk-crunk beat (ironically), as you'll see in the upcoming list. The toats groovy tunes mixed with Busta's ridiculously fast spitting make me love this. Also I love the video. Why the hell is he on a farm? Why is he red? What the shit is his hair doing?

5) Crazy Rap (Colt .45 and Two Zig-Zags)- Afroman
The pure crassness of this song get me every time. I somehow have the censored version on my iPod, and it's hilarious because you just CAN'T HEAR THE SONG. The last part is taken out completely ("So you start to eat the pussy"). You can watch the video here, but the KKK line as well as the last part is censored.

4) Teach Me How To Dougie- Cali Swag District
This is an unofficial video, the real one is here. This song was stuck in my head for like three months after M-Bone was killed earlier this year. Nuff said.

3) Lean Like a Cholo- Down AKA Kilo
Maybe this song wasn't as popular nationally as it was in New Mexico... I actually grew up listening to the parody, "Lean like a Chola," and I only have the original because my sister downloaded the wrong one like eight years ago... Got dat crunk beat.

2) Go To Church- Ice Cube ft. Snoop Dogg and Lil Jon
Love this song. My favorite part is the giant, inflatable west-side hand. How the hell ass did they find something like that? But specifics aside, it's great because it's about the trashiest, blackest video in the history of anything (especially during Snoop Dogg's verse... that car...), and all of the guys are about 90 and Ice Cube is a child's movie actor.

1) Through the Fire and Flames- Dragonforce
The Asian guy's hair is too good. The reason this song is the best is because the only thing it has to its name is how fast it is (look at their fingers, haha) but it doesn't even sound good in the end. And their hair, and oh god the lyrics. What do they mean? What does "fighting hard, fighting on for the steel" mean? I wish I could count the amount of times I've declared myself DJ so I could have an excuse to play this song.


  1. First good post since like March of 2011 (see what I did there).
    Stop trying to be an individual and continue writing good posts. Forever.